Review: BabeLube

30 Apr

Pump Action Bottle

So recently I got to try BabedLube from They have a wide selection of personal lubricants and this is their “house brand.” It’s paraben and glycerin free and also water based, which not only makes it body safe but also safe for use with any toy.  This lubricant is also gluten free, not sticky and gel-like which makes it a bit thick.  This is handy for anal sex and play.

Babeland states that it is non staining, though we had no spills, so I am unable to say anything about that based on experience. We did notice though, that BabedLube has a bit of a scent.  Not cloying, not overwhelming or anything of the sort, but it does have a faint scent of ink.  Like, good old-school Bic pen ink.  Odd I know, but everyone has their own sense receptors LOL

Performance wise however…this lubricant was a bit of a fail for us.  We noticed right away when we opened the bottle that it is thick, though not sticky.  Probably from being jostled around in the UPS truck, when I opened the bottle and the pump sprang up, a bunch of lube slurped up the pump shaft.  When I went to wipe it off I noticed something.  This lubricant has (in our opinion) the consistency of mucus.  We made the appropriate “eww” sounds but went forward.   After cleaning off the shaft of the pump we squirted some out on our fingers and noticed that it is quite slick, as water based lubes are wont to be, however as we moved our fingers away from the bottle, there were little “tails” or “trails” of lube from the bottle to our fingers…though this lube is NOT sticky!!

It has, in our opinion, the consistency of mucus!  We shuddered and washed our hands.  Or we tried to.  We actually had to scrub to get the lube off our hands.  So.  We left the lube alone and went about our business.  Later on when we were in the mood for some action we grabbed the bottle, determined to make it work.   We had a hard time with it though, forever dealing with the stringies.  The lube got everywhere due to that.

We actually had to stop and wash ourselves off when we tried using it for sex.  The consistency just didn’t work for us.  I’m not sure I can even describe it.  For me…well.  As gross as this may sound, it felt like I was fucking with snot in me.  😦

Sorry Babeland , but I think the BabedLube is getting a 1 out of 5…


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