A must have for every girl of shaving age

02 May

Easy to use pop-top bottle.

I’ve noticed that not many people have heard of Coochy Creme. Available from Tabu Toys this really is a must have for any girl (or guy for that matter) of a shaving age.  With how subjective life can be, especially when referencing sexuality, I hate saying things like that.  “A must have for everybody.”  Few things really are.  Bodies, likes, dislikes, morality, it’s all subjective; different for everybody.  And I’m sure there are people out there for whom this product wouldn’t work.  But I’ve yet to talk to any of them!

Coochy Creme is a water based shave cream that really is cream!   It has the consistency of hair conditioner, and indeed that is a secondary use for this product.  It smells heavenly (mine is plumeria) and is so thick you use very little at a time.  Mainly designed for genital shaving what it does is soften your hair to make it easy for shaving.  With no other shaving cream have I gotten a smoother shave.

It comes in several sizes and scents,

I use about a quarter sized dollop for my labia.  I typically rub it in just a bit, and then go about shaving.  When I use this I have no after-shave bumps, no ingrown hairs, no nicks or cuts, nothing of the sort.  I actually don’t use it very often ‘cuz I don’t want to run out!  (I really just need to break down and buy a case of the stuff or something…) This can also be used for legs, underarms, or the face.

The bottle has a bit of a "matte" finish on it, that helps it from not being too slippery if it and/or your hands get wet.

A while ago D needed to shave and he didn’t have any shave cream, so I told him to use mine.  Which is the Coochy Creme.  He scoffed at it (what man wants their face to smell like plumeria) since it’s designed for genital shaving but his need overtook him and he decided to see how it would work on his hair. (As most of you are aware, D is half Caucasian and half African american.  his hair is his strongest African trait.)  He was amazed at how well it worked.  He read the directions so smoothed some on his face, he let it sit for a minute to soften his hair and worked amazingly.  He had very few nicks or cuts (it had been about 6 months since he’d shaved so his skin was unused to it) And though his face smelt like plumeria the rest of the day, his skin was soft with almost no bumps or anything like that.

What really stands out for me with Coochy Creme is that it indeed is a cream.  It’s not a gel or foam or anything.  With the consistency of hair conditioner or lotion it’s so thick it really stays where you put it.   You don’t have chunks of it dripping off and even if it gets some water on it, it doesn’t just all run off when you’re in the shower.  Half the time with foaming shave cream you get it a little wet and you’re reapplying.  Don’t have that with Coochy Creme.

Coochy Creame is a hearty 5 out of 5 for me! Quick! go get some!!


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