Cal Exotics Sweet Dreams

02 May

California Exotics Sweet Dreams vibrator.

So the other day I got this little gem in the mail from California Exotic Novelties. When I opened the package and saw what it was I was all OHH PINK! 😀 I love pink.  It’s the Sweet Dreams; Desire.

Made from a new material called “Pure Skin” it really does feel like skin.  So much so that me and D spent about 10 minutes right after we’d received it just molesting it, amazed at how real it feels.  It was quite entertaining ‘cuz we ended up pulling his penis out to compare.  It feels almost exactly like his penis does.  Pure Skin is made from TPR.  So you want to use a water-based lubricant and toy cleaner with this sex toy.

Since it’s made from a rubber material, Sweet Dreams; Desire does pick up lint, hair, fur, etc.  So you really want to make sure to clean it good before use, as well as after.  Mild soap and water, or water based toy cleaner is perfect for this toy.

It takes 2 AA batteries, + side down.  The battery compartment is quite tight, and mine came with a piece of plastic inside it.  So you may need to check if yours has one too.  With that piece in there, it won’t work, and also your batteries will be almost stuck.  We didn’t realize it was in there (the plastic was clear) and had a hard time getting the batteries out, so we could get that plastic piece out  and put the batteries back in.

Even right out of the package this toy has no scent, unless you put your nose actually onto it.  Then it does have a faint rubbery smell.  Taste wise it also does have a faint rubber taste, but if you’re a fan of flavored lube that would take care of it easily.

The Sweet Dreams; Deisre is about 8″ long, with 6 1/2″ of it being insertible.  The package states that it is waterproof and with how tight the battery compartment is, I’d agree.  I have no problems taking this in the shower!  However, there is no o-ring in the battery compartment, so I would not feel comfortable submerging it.  As a note: you really need to tighten the cap, incredibly tight.  Basically, tighten it until it seems on, then grip it hard and give it another crank.  There’s a last faint snap that tells you it’s secure.  It won’t turn on until you tighten it until you hear/feel that snap.

Control buttons for the Sweet Dreams.

Use wise, this sex toy has 2 buttons. One that’s on and off, and a second that cycles you through all 10 of the vibration and pulsation settings.  You get 3 standard vibration settings; low medium and high, as well as 7 other pulsation settings.  All are surprisingly quiet.  The really cool thing is that when you turn this toy off, it will remember the last setting you used.  So if you find one you like, when you turn it back on you don’t have to re-cycle through them all.  It will start up again on the last setting you used prior.  Even if you remove the batteries.

The thing about the Sweet Dreams; Deisre though is that Pure Skin.  I must admit, my vagina was incredibly confused by what was in it.  It felt like a real penis, it really did.  But it vibrated.  So, we turned the vibrations off.  My vagina was happier until I orgasm and clenched down.

When you clench your muscles around this toy, you feel the inner shaft that houses the mechanics and vibrator and all that.  Your vagina (well, at least mine did) will know that’s not a real penis, but at the same time the contact sensations feel like one.  So, it’ sort of confusing.

When I realized that my vagina was too confused to really enjoy this toy we tried it clitorally.  The top 1 1/2″ or so of this toy does not house the shaft in it, so in the end it was just too smooshy for my clit to get any pleasure from.

All in all, this is an incredible toy!  Advanced material with that nifty memory chip to remember the last setting.  However, it was too confusing for my vagina to enjoy.  3 out of 5!!  Thanks Cal Exotics This toy was sure fun to try out!! 😀


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15 responses to “Cal Exotics Sweet Dreams

  1. jonsbabydoll

    May 2, 2010 at 8:53 PM

    Huh, I got the same thing and got verrrrry different results. 😦 Mine smelled horrible. Like paint thinner. 😦 Gave me a bad headache when I was even in the same ROOM as it.

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