So much yet so little going on…

02 May
So much yet so little going on…

A more work safe pic from swimming today 🙂 And yes, LOL those are hickeys on my neck 😉

Hey everybody! LOL I’m still here!  It’s kind of been a weird last couple of weeks.  It’s like…I’ve been busy, with absolutely nothing to do.  I’ve been working on my blog a bit, as illustrated by the new theme.  And hopefully last for a while.  I’ve got a lot of reviews piling up to do (as evidenced by my new thingy on the side there *points to the right* “upcoming reviews”)

I’ve also started writing for Eden Cafe which has been really fun!  So far one of my articles has gone up, it’s called “plus size”.  I’ve got some more I’m working on.  I’m really glad I’m able to do that.  I’ve had a lot going on in my mind, but it hasn’t really been blog topics, but stuff I still wanted to get out, ya know?

Last night we had the most incredible sex.  D isn’t much of a “bodice ripper” type, ya know?  Randomly last evening though he pushed me up against the side of the bed, yanked my shorts down and started fingering me.  Next thing I knew his cock was in me and he was fucking the hell out of me.  (Well, comparatively not really, as it’s way before I’m supposed to be having sex so we’re taking it very, very easy.) Gods it was good though!! 😀

D is still without a job.  😦 I’m working on taking money out of my 401k to help get us caught up.  It’s not so much that I don’t make enough for us to survive, it’s just that we’re behind, ya know? So hopefully I can take out enough.  We don’t have an eviction notice or anything (weird to sort of want one eh?) So I’m having to use my medical bills for proof of “hardship” but because my surgeries are so recent I only have my clinic bills, not my hospital bills.  (Which is too bad ‘cuz my second surgery was about $11,000.) I’m hoping to be able to use my dental bills as well.  We’ll have to see.

So yea, D has started applying now at places like Taco Bell.  And he’s still not got a call back.  I don’t understand why not.   We’re so afraid now that with him not working, our moving is going to be pushed back, and that’s so unacceptable for us.  We’re looking into so many other alternatives for making money.  We’ve even started a clips 4 sale site so a lot of thought has been going into clips ideas.  We made a quick preview one a couple weeks ago, but then I had my surgery so making more had to go on the back burner.  We’ve got a couple I’m going to put up today so we can start getting some up.  Hopefully they’ll sell.  When I was doing them on my own last year they did, now they’re a little higher quality and all that so hopefully they’ll start selling again.

One thing we’ve been able to do for ourselves the last couple weeks was get our ears guaged up to a 14.  Friday D was so awesome and went and did a bunch of errands that he didn’t want to do and ended up getting us a bit of money.  We’ve got some left over (not a whole hell of a lot LOL) and so we’re gonna get some 10 guage jewelry for our ears to guage them up a bit more.  I’ll make sure to posta  pic 🙂

It may sound weird that we’re doing something like that, spending money when we’re not doing all that good and needing to move asap.  The thing is, we both firmly believe that we need to do things for ourselves.  Sometimes, especially when you’re under a lot of stress and shit, you just need to treat yourself.  Otherwise it’s like “what’s the point.”  So that’s why we’re doing this.  All in all we’ll probably spend a whopping $30 on the both of us LOL So, no.  Not a whole hell of a lot in the scheme of things.

So, unfortunately the red vinly kitty and her Master are unable to come visit. 😦  I understand though.  It ended up being a way longer drive than any of us though, so they’d have gotten here, and then had to turn around and leave.  Not worth it.  So, that’s opened up this whole next weekend for me and D.  We had organized things so that most of my paycheck was going to be for fun next weekend.  So we’re discussing something for us to do for ourselves.  We’re thinking of dressing up and doing dinner and a movie.  I can’t wait!

So, I’m sure I could write about a ton more, but I have so much shit to do.  Reviews, finish something else I’m writing, get someone’s big b-day present ready to mail, and a few other odds and ends of just regular life shit.  So, I promise to try to blog more frequently about life again.  I’ve so been missing it!!

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