Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality

04 May

Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality from Reel Queer Productions has perhaps, some of the best sex scenes I’ve ever watched.  Available over at Good Vibrations this adult movie is not like your normal porn.  It’s a combination of interviews with the men, with sex scenes between the interviews that illustrate what they’re talking about.

What’s really nice about the scenes in this film is that they are sort of amateur-like.  They’re a lot more “real” than your standard porn vids.  These are guys who love their sex, no matter if it’s with men, women or both.  They like anal play, bdsm, D/s play and show it.  And also, they’re not all made up for the camera.  They’re there to have sex, and that’s what they’re doing.  Bruises, tattoo’s and all.

My favorite part is the communication.  You actually see and hear them communicate with each other.  Be it taps, grunts or actual words.

There’s 5 interviews with a sex scene after each.  The scenes involve each of the men interviewed. They typically start with 2 people, sometimes M/M, sometimes M/F, and eventually a third will turn up, so the final grouping is M/M/F. The run time is about 90 minutes.  The interviews last an average of 10 minutes each, with the rest of the run time being the sex scenes.

I must admit that I’ve sort of run a 360 on this one.  At first I was all excited about it, as it’s billed as a “part documentary.”   I’m not sure that I personally agree with that, it’s more an amateur style porn, with interviews from the male cast members interspersed.  They talk a lot about their history personally, their personal sexuality and also their opinion on the word “queer.”   So when I watched it and it wasn’t a docu so-to-speak, I was quite disappointed.  However, after watching the sex, even if the interviews don’t do it for you, the sex scenes sure do it for me!!

If you like porn with a plot, this is not it for you.  But, if you like real people having real sex, plus having gave their opinion about it, then this is surely it for you!!

All in all, I give Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality a 4 out of 5.  Thanks Good Vibrations !!


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