Stress, moving, more stress and dinner out…

08 May
Stress, moving, more stress and dinner out…

The samples of beer they gave us. Nice sized glasses too! More than just a sip, it was enough for us to get an actual taste of the beer. Uber yummy!

The theme of todays post is: stress.  Suffice it to say, but between me and D, we’ve had enough stress for 38 people to last 56 lifetimes.  ugh…

So when I went to get my Liberator Throe today from the mail lady *squeals* I saw one of the office people was in so I went to talk to her.  We have a 2 bedroom apartment right, so we decided to see if we could get a 1 bedroom.  Just transfer in building.  Well, all the 1 bedrooms are taken, but they have an efficiency open.  It’s on the 3rd floor (ick!) but it’s way cute.  It’d be hard on the cats, but it’d only be for a few months.  And it’s almost $200 cheaper a month.  That’s a big enough difference in rent that we said we wanted it.  So, we have to wait until Monday for the main people to come in, of course.

I just hope we’ll still have internet.  What we use is an open WIFI connection in this area.  The other apartment is far enough away it prolly won’t show.  😦   Granted, the one I used when I first moved in isn’t here, so that could have moved down there too.  *shrugs* Who knows.  Not that ours is stable or anything *eye roll*

We’re totally not happy to move to only have to move in a few months again, but it’ll give us (mainly me) another good chance to clean out more shit again.

So last night we treated ourselves to a nice dinner at a local restaurant.  They have their own micro brewery there and D has been itching to try their beer.  It was pretty nice ‘cuz the waitress got us samples of 4 of their 8 or so beers.  And they were quite good actually! 🙂  D had a good steak and salad, I had a buffalo chicken wrap.  Very good, but not buffalo-ee enough.

We actually had a really good conversation over dinner.  Astrophysics LOL It started out with D asking me if I believe in aliens, which I do, and just went on from there.  Everything from hard science fiction to soft science fiction, to Area 51 to distances between stars, galaxies and more *laughs* It was fun.  I love that we can talk like that, and that if something is over my head he slows down and takes the time to explain it to me.  D is incredibly intelligent, with an IQ just this side of genius level.  Me?  Not so much lol

D's beer, the stout of course LOL I forgot our camera at home, so don't mind the shoddy camera-phone pictures.

The stress has really been getting to us.  D is so very, very down and depressed lately about not working.  He hasn’t gotten a single call back, no matter who he’s applied for.  Monday he’s going to apply for some more fast food restaurants. Gods I hope he gets a job… being stuck inside all the time has really gotten to him.  He’s cranky, depressed and just plain old negative.  (If any of you are interested, he’s talked about it in his blog The Exile’s Hideaway)

I feel bad ‘cuz there’s nothing I can do, it’s not like I can get a job for him.  And considering I’m already paying for everything I’m almost doing too much.  He feels like a failure, recognizing that he’d be up shit creek if it weren’t for me.  I can afford to support us, especially moving into the smaller apartment, if we get it.  It’s just that we’re behind, so we’re trying to play catch up and I just don’t make enough to do that.

When he gets “negative” he gets really, really negative.  You know the mood.  We all get there sometimes.  Nothing is good enough, no suggestion will work, everybody sucks, etc.  We’ve all been there.  I get frustrated, which gets him more frustrated.  Eventually we just take time apart and a few minutes later we’re better.  But, it sucks while it’s happening.

So we went to the library today and got more DVD’s to watch.  A couple more Cirque Du Soliel, the first 3 disks of season 4 Enterprise and this movie about Witchcraft, I think it’s a mockumentary.  Figured it’d be something interesting and different.

I have a few reviews to write.  I so can’t wait to try out the Liberator Throe!  I’m considering getting a Liberator Wedge as well.  Gonna read up on some of the reviews of the Wedge and other similar Liberator items, see which would be best for us.  I have some Eden Fantasys Gift Cards to use 😀 *squeals*

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