Fluid: Women

09 May

Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality is very similar to Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality, basically just with women. Also produced by Reel Queer Productions it’s sort of a documentary, sort of a porn, and all about sex.  Again, similar to Men Redefining, it’s a combination of interviews with the main, female stars and sex scenes illustrating what they spoke about.

From Good Vibrations this adult movie is nothing like a standard porn.So if that’s what you’re looking for, this certainly isn’t it.  It focuses on “queer” sexuality and gender fluidity, with the actresses discussing their personal history, their take on sexuality and the word “queer” and also what they think may have contributed to their sexuality.

The sex scenes are very good, the chemistry between the partners shows, as does the fact that they’re truly enjoying what they’re doing.  With many adult movies, you can tell that they’re acting, almost playing to the camera.  I did not see that with Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality. In that aspect, it was quite a nice break from standard pornos.  You can tell the women and men in this move love having sex, for the sake of having sex.

The sex usually involved 2 women and 1 man.  Starting with F/M then going to F/F/M.  There’s 5 interviews with a sex scene after each with the total run time of 1 hour 54 minutes.  The sex scene following the interview of course has the parson interviewed in it, and eventually 2 other partners, sometimes one of them also being an interviewee.  The scenes tend to include aspects of the interviewee’s sexuality that they spoke about in the interview, being it bottoming, rough sex, topping, double penetration, etc.

Ultimately I didn’t expect the interviews to be of people actually in the adult movie industry.  What I had read about the Fluid before I got it was that it was a lot more of a documentary than I think it is.  I anticipated it being a lot more about sexuality from the point of view of people not in the adult industry, and in that I was disappointed.  But at the same time it is still interesting to hear the opinions of people who are very open, honest and familiar with their sexuality.  And the good sex scenes do help out 😉

All in all I give Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality a 4 out of 5. Thanks Good Vibrations!!!


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