The almost perfect pet!

09 May

My Perfect Pet 🙂 Isn't she cute?????

From Babeland this little toy is not quite the perfect pet. Almost though!! The Perfect Pet is about 6″ long with an insertible length (if you’re able to) of 3″.  She’s got a cute faux jewel on the end that is the top of the battery compartment.  With one simple twist you’re able to take it off and put in the batteries.

One big, big plus for the Perfect Pet is that her battery compartment has a little slide out holder in it, so you know exactly which way to put the 3 AAA batteries that comes with it.  That’s really nice, as I know that me and D spend a good portion of time playing the game of “does this one go + side up” … “oh, it won’t turn on let’s try this way…” and so on and so forth.

She’s got one button for on and off, cycling through 4 settings.  1 – zzzzzzz 2 – zz zz zz zz 3- z z z z z z z z 4- zzzzzzzzzz zz zz zz zzzzzzz.  She’s medium loud, where I’d put a closed door and either tv/radio on or under the blanket to muffle the sounds.  Her power is also medium, not overwhelming but not underwhelming.

She is not, in any way waterproof.  She’s barely splashproof.  I’m nervous holding her under running water to rinse her off because of the lack of o-ring or even twisting the cap very much to put it on.  It’s only a little “snap” that twists the cap on, so there’s no threads or anything to help keep water out of the battery compartment.  So, no shower or anything for the Perfect Pet .

Her cute face! 😀 Don't ya just wanna rub all over her????

For me, this sex toy works only as a clitoral vibrator.  With how thick the head is (6″ around) and the curve of it, it’s incredibly difficult to insert.   If insertion works for you, I can see this working as a decent g-spot toy, with the her face rubbing and vibrating against your g-spot.  Otherwise, she’s just too thick and not long enough much much of any good insertion.

She’s made out of silicone and ABS plastic, the purple being silicone, the rest being plastic.  So you want to use a water based lubricant and water based toy cleaner.  Either mild soap and warm water (being careful to not get any into the battery compartment) or antibacterial water-based toy cleaner.  One thing I have noticed though, is that on her face, there are divots.  You really want to make sure that you get all your juices, lube and other residue out of there before re-insertion.

Perfect for warming up and foreplay this toy has certainly gone into regular rotation for us! Besides, you can’t help but want to rub something that cute against you!  A hearty 4 out of 5!!  Thanks Babeland


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