My butt is in love…

11 May

Ophoria's Silicone A-Chain

So, more and more I’ve been getting into anal play.  I enjoy a tad of stretching, but not all that much.  So one would think I’d be instantly in love with anal beads.  Honestly I hadn’t been.  I truly hadn’t seen the point, they’re so small, you don’t move them, they just sit there.  As I’m not a fan of anal plugs, I didn’t see why I’d like another type of anal toy that just sits there.  Well, when Tabu Toys offered to let me review the Ophoria Silicone A Chain I figured I’d give them a chance, so I could see for sure.  Besides, how I could say no so something that cute?

It comes in pretty standard rip-to-open plastic box, with a small instruction booklet.  Nothing for permanent storage however, so try to make sure it’s not touching other silicone toys, to ensure it or your other silicone toys don’t degrade.  They come in a few colors, blue and pink for sure.  Quite obviously, mine is a light “sky blue” 😉

This sex toy is just under 10″ long, with 7″ of that being insertible.  The beats gradually get larder, with the biggest only being about 3 1/2″ around, so this really is a perfect toy for beginners to anal play. The A Chain is 100% silicone, so you want to use water based lubricants with it.  How much you use is quite your own choice, depending on how used to anal play you are.

Being 100% silicone this is easily cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner (water based of course) or boil it!  5-10 minutes would work 🙂 Being non porous, you can fully sanitize this, but take care if you choose to share it.  Make sure it’s fully sanitized before and after each use.

Use wise, just slide it in as far as you wish.  One bead, or all 6 of them!  Make sure you’re using enough lube that they’re not painful going in, and listen to your body.  If it says stop, then stop.  I go back and forth, sometimes wanting all 6, sometimes 5.  I enjoy wearing them just for the sake of wearing them, they feel very good!  They are quite flexible and moldable, moving with your body, no matter what position you are in.

My ass: "Ophoria A-Chain, will you marry me?"

The ring at the end is perfect for pulling them out, slowly or quickly.  Though, sometimes it rubs on your butt cheeks, and when they’re not used to something like that it can be a tad annoying.

However…my ass is in love with them during sex!  Having them filling me, makes my vagina that much tighter.  D is able to feel them when we’re having sex, or even if he’s just fingering me.  We found missionary position to be the best position to use these.  In doggy style, his pelvic bone would hit the ring of these and jab them into me over and over.  It was quite painful actually and we had to take them out almost right away after a few thrusts, so we could finish in doggy.

I. LOVE. THIS. TOY. 5 out of 5!! Dear Gods thank you Tabu Toys!! I LOVE YOU! 😉

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