Goin’ to California part 3

15 May
Goin’ to California part 3

Just a little pic D took of me the other night ūüėČ

Well, we have 3 loads of clothes drying around the house, well..apartment LOL we have some Stargate; Atlantis waiting to be watched (though,naturally, the 1st disk is the one that got left behind at the library..*face palm*) so I figured I’d get a blog in quick.

So, I’m getting a decent amount of funds within the next week or two. ¬†A belated bonus at work and I was able to withdraw some money from my 401K. ¬† So, today me and D go and hit the library then we were going to go for a walk down by the river. ¬†(That didn’t work as it was still flooded from sprint flooding) ¬†And we’d been talking and had figured a way for me to take a day or two off work (which I’m still going to, none of this changes the fact that I’m this far from collapsing from exhaustion *holds fingers together), get caught up on rent, and get ourselves a little something fun.

Anyway, realizing the walkway was blocked by nasty river water and a fuck ton of mud, we headed back to the bus, and went grocery shopping. ¬†So we put the groceries away, I rested up a bit, (all the walking and all plus the exhaustion) and we put on our swimming gear to go¬†frolic¬†in the pool. ¬†When D opens the apartment door a piece of paper slid down to the ground. ¬†It was a note from our landlords, on what is the standard financial statement type piece of paper. ¬†Our names on the top, apartment number, what we owe, etc. ¬†On the bottom is the “current money due” and then “30 days paste due”, “60 days past due” and “90 days past due.”

Now, we *have* been late. ¬†Every month. ¬†However, we are *always* paid up by the end of the month. ¬†Never once have we got into the next month, and that includes late fees. ¬†This is why we wanted the smaller apartment. ¬†So we could get caught up. ¬†I can afford to support us, on my salary. ¬†I just don’t make enough to get caught up. ¬†With all my extra money I was going to be able to get us at least 2 weeks ahead. ¬†Well. ¬†On this statement was the money we owe (about half this month’s rent) and a hand written note. “You need to get caught up. ¬†I can’t keep having your balance carry over into the next month! ¬†You MUST get caught up!! This is due no later than 5-26!!” ¬†O_O Excuse me???

We have never, once carried over into next month! Not even on late fees! ¬†So, this on top of not letting us move into a cheaper place? ¬†What??? ¬†There’s a couple other things influencing our reaction here:

  • First off, there was blame placed on D when his cousin split on him a week after he moved in with her, in this apartment back in October. ¬†Despite him always coming up with the money, and also coming up with her share of the rent within 3 days, they still placed blame on him as well. ¬†So not his fault she bolted, especially considering she did it while he was at work.
  • They had listings for odd jobs around the building that they would give you credit for on rent. ¬†D was one of the first who put his name in the hat for that. ¬†They had the listing up for 2 weeks after he put his name up. ¬†They didn’t even give him the courtesy of a “no.”

So it’s like, any time we’ve tried to better our position here, they’ve just blown it back in our face. ¬†It’s like they’re trying to kick us out but haven’t found a reason within the lease terms. ¬†So our big question is:

Considering that we are paid up, and even paid into the next month some, if even only $20, how can we possibly have kept carrying a balance into the next month? ¬†*Especially* considering on the bottom of the statement they gave us, our only balance on there is “current.”

  • Is the landlord who made that statement¬†falsifying¬†the books?
  • Why have we never received a statement with 30, 60 or 90 days past due amounts on them, when we’ve received payment demands?
  • If we are so behind, why have we not received an eviction notice?
  • If they are falsifying the books and we indeed are behind, where has this other money gone to that we paid them?

So yea. ¬†We are done. ¬†Done and finished with them. ¬†We are readjusting our finances, D is calling in favors, markers, anything and everything to get us out of here. ¬†This week he is considering calling an old boss in his hometown (he’s actually from a town about an hour north of my hometown, where we currently live.) to see if he needs help. ¬†We are willing to deal with him being gone during the week for a while.

We have made an agreement that the next place we go, every time we pay rent we are getting a receipt. ¬†Even if that means being a day late due to waiting for someone to be in the office. ¬†Today on the way to the pool I stopped in the office to ask the lady there for a ledger of our payments. ¬†First off she didn’t know what a ledger was. ¬†Right. ¬†Secondly, she said she was unable to print one out. ¬†She signs leases for people, but can’t print out our ledger?? *le sigh*

We discussed confronting them on it, but knowing our landlords, that would give them more fuel against us. ¬†So we have agreed that minimum interaction with them is required. ¬†None if at all possible. ¬†Since we’ll be so busy with all these arrangements, moving, packing, finding odd jobs to make more money, I’m cutting back my reviewing for the next few weeks. ¬†This also will allow us to have to go into their office the fewest times possible. ¬†Gods only knows what they’d do with my packages…we have told them at least twice that it’s items I review, that we *do not* pay for them, but by their reactions we know they don’t believe us.

So we are done.  We are hoping to move within 4 weeks, 6 at the latest.  Wish us luck?


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5 responses to “Goin’ to California part 3

  1. Shii

    May 15, 2010 at 6:37 PM

    GOOD LUCK! It’s a sucky situation, but it seems like you two have a good plan. I really hope you can move soon! ūüėÄ

    • Jessie Beth

      May 16, 2010 at 12:39 PM

      Thanks! I’m hoping so too. We are so at wits end, and just becoming unwilling to deal with all the shit going on up here. Pretty much everything that’s been happening lately has been pushing us away from here, so. We’re going! ūüėÄ

  2. redvinylkitty

    May 16, 2010 at 9:12 AM

    Good luck! It’ll be hard for sure, but I know you guys can get it done.

    • Jessie Beth

      May 16, 2010 at 12:40 PM

      *huggles* Thanks babydoll! I’m way scared, what with the economy that we will be unable to find work…but once we’re able to narrow down an exact time frame, it’ll be easier to apply for jobs saying “we’ll be there on xx day and we can start on xx day” etc.


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