no more lucid dreams for me

18 May

*sighs* Epic Lucid Dream Fail 😦

So, I have been trying and trying to find a Lucid Dream vibrator that I like.  And I keep failing.  I had one a long time ago I loved, but it died.  I got a new one, and it’s okay.  But only for foreplay.  The one before this one was painful.  And now we have the Lucid Dreams #39 . (And this is, indeed, Lucid Dream *#39*). When Tabu Toys offered to let me review this one, especially with as cute as it looks, I decided this vibrator would be my final attempt at Lucid Dreams pleasure.

#39 takes 2 double AA batteries, not included.  (Standard fare for Lucid Dreams vibes.)  It’s about 7 inches long, 6 of them being insertible.  The bullet is located at the very tip of the toy and is controlled by a simple turn dial at the bottom of the battery compartment.  Twist the cap off slide in the batteries, twist the cap back on and you’re ready to go!  It’s got one steady vibration pattern, with power that runs from low, to about medium low.  It’s also insanely quiet.  If you’re about 2 feet away from the vibrator you can’t hear it buzzing.  If you need low vibes with even lower sound, this sex toy is for you!

Now for me, this toy was actually quite uncomfortable.  It’s really quite thick, especially at the head.  Combining the way it’s curved with the size of the bullet it’s a very tight fit.  For me, the size with the curve renders it this side of painful.  So, not using this toy for insertion.  There is one other curve in the middle of this toy.  I imagine if you’re able to insert it fully it’d feel wonderful on your g-spot!  Both curves are rather gentle, maybe 3/4″ or so.  However, I don’t know as I wasn’t able to get more than the very tip of it in.

It’s perfect for clit play, as the bullet is right at the end, which centers the vibrations right there for you.  That is if you’re into very, very mild vibrations.  In describing the intensity of the vibrations, you know how when you hold a vibrator in your hand and it’s on a higher setting and it tickles?  Yea.  Not for this one!

Material wise, is made out of jelly so you cannot fully sanitize it.  This means no sharing or no anal to vagina play unless you’re using a condom.  Cleaning wise use warm water and a mild soap and/or your favorite toy cleaner.  And being that it’s jelly you want to clean after use *and* before use!  This baby picks up everything!  Moving it from the bedroom to the living room to write the review for it you’d think I rolled it all over a cat with the lint and hair and fur and random other stuff-from-the-air on it!  You’re safe to use any lube with this toy, I personally prefer water based and glycerin free.

Waterproof?  I’d say shower safe, no submersion.  There are several threads for screwing the battery cap on, but there is no o-ring.

All in all however, this vibrator is getting a 2 out of 5. Thanks for giving me one last chance at Lucid Dreams pleasure Tabu Toys !!

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