18 May

LOL I Love it when she sits like that. Total Al Bundy

Woke up early today, so I thought I’d get a post out quick.

We’ve been really busy, getting things straightened out.  The other day I put about 6 things up on Craigslist, and 2 have already sold.  The money is spent already LOL but on necessities.  We ran out of bog roll, so needed that plus we got some food.  Both are necessities LOL  So we ran to the local grocery store to get that, and some salad fixin’s.  Nothing beats a good salad, not even chocolate! lol

Last week I’d gotten a job offer in my email.  It’s a work at home gig, pays good, looks easy, does not require you to buy anything.  So I emailed them back saying I was interested, but need more information.  The weekend goes by and I didn’t hear anything, but yesterday I got an email with some attachments all full of info.  So, both me and D checked it out, and I checked out their website, and I accepted the position.

SO!  We are still going to wait to get our hopes up, ‘cuz you never really know with some of this stuff.  We’ll have to see.  If it pans out 1 – that’ll kick ass ‘cuz I’ll have a very good paying job I can take to Cali with me.  2 – I will SO be quitting the job I have now, like… NOW!  and 3 – Ive always wanted to work from home!  It pays enough, I really don’t need another job.  I”d be getting almost 3x what I’m getting now.

However.  I also found out about a store that is hiring in San Francisco, that would be like, almost my dream job.  I would be on my feet all the time, but for almost my dream job?  I’d deal LOL So, I applied for that last night.  We will see LOL

I am taking Thursday and Friday off this week.  Originally to rest up.  Now it will also be taken up with making calls to apartments in Cali!  My bonus and 401k will be in by then, so we can take care of a couple bills up here, plus have enough to pay most any deposit required on an apartment.  As deposit money is included in the sum total of the goal amount for saving, it’s certainly an acceptable expenditure! LOL Plus, knowing when we can move in there, will give us an exact date.  I hated filling out that app last night and putting a note in there “we’ll be there mid to late June”  O_O How ridiculous!  Hopefully I’m qualified enough they look past that.  Granted…I really do not want to work on my feet and if they don’t hire me and I’m only doing the work from home position..oh well! lol


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