Goin’ to California…part 4

23 May
Goin’ to California…part 4

So yea, sorry the HNT is so late! Just a simple one this time 🙂 I got a new house dress the other day at Lane Bryant for like, $3 or something. (major sale) I love it, except across the bust it has a ton of flowers LOL ahh well. Beggars can't be choosers 😉

So the last few days have been an odd combination of nothing going on, but a lot going on.  It’s pretty much all about the move, so let’s see if I can get it all out and make sense…

Move Date

Our projected move date is June 9th.  We expect to get there on June 11th.  It’ll be hard, but we’ve decided actually that in a month of two we will come back and get most of our stuff.  We are now just planning on renting a car, and taking the bare essentials; clothes, cats, us, laptop, board games, litter box, a couple plates, etc.  This has been aided by the fact that we have now

Got an Apartment

Friday I was able to secure us an apartment in  the exact city we want!!  It’s about a 15 minute walk away from D’s college.  And it’s uber cute!  It’s a 1 bedroom loft apartment, on the first floor.   So on the main floor of the apartment is the living room, kitchen bathroom etc, and then upstairs overlooking the apartment is the bedroom on the loft.  It’s a gated community with an outdoor pool and hot tub 😀 It’s near a bus stop, the BART, a large mall and within a half hour walking from the public library.  AAnndd…at the mall we’re by there’s a Sanrio store!  You know what that means??? HELLO KITTY! 😀  The apartment has 24 hour laundry and also package receiving, which will be cool when I start reviewing again.  (I have a couple more to write, that I got before I went on hiatus.)  I was able to really hit it off with the manager of the apartment, and she’s willing to give us a move in special, saving us a fuck ton of money on the first months rent.  I’m really scared about this all, ‘cuz if my new job doesn’t pan out, we’re really in the hurt locker for July’s rent.  Rent is a lot more than what we’re used to LOL

So, since we have a lot more of a real time frame now, and things more set in stone…

I told my Mom we’re Moving

And boy was that not fun.  She actually cried 😦  She was sad that I hadn’t given her more notice.  But, once the shock wore off and we really started talking about it, she was able to see that I wasn’t so much intentionally hiding it, as wanting to be able to have things set for sure, so I could really answer questions with real answers, ya know?  She was able to see that we have spent a lot of time thinking and planning, and that I’m very excited about this.  Plus, she realized that she has a cousin in the SF area also, so I think that made her feel a bit better.  I am so glad that it’s done.  (The telling her.)

So now,

The Rest of This

Is mainly us making sure we have the funds to move.  Storing our things for a month or two (probably 2) and just taking  a car down is saving us a ton of money in the direct future, and allowing us to move when we want and need to, while giving us more time for the main expense of moving.  It’ll kind of suck not having all our stuff, but that’s alright. 🙂  It’s part of the experience LOL We’re going to get one of those pillow top air mattresses to sleep on, and with 1 pot and 1 pan, we can cook pretty much anything we need.  I don’t think the apartment has a microwave which is oddish (for us at least, up here apartments usually have one built in) so maybe we’ll buy one.  The kitchen in the apartment has a bar area, which will be neat, and alleviate the need for a table (at least right away).  We plan on getting just a couple stools to use.

We have a couple plans for D to make some money to add to the pot.  The main fundage is coming from me closing out my 401K (which I can’t do until I’ve quit my current job) so, so long as my HR department tells my 401K people that I indeed have quit, the money will be in my checking account the day we leave.  If it’s not, we’re fucked.  I’m not 100% sure yet when I’m going to give my notice.  If I put in so Friday the 4th is my last day, but then we end up here another week, that could have been another paycheck, ya know? So we’ll see.

I’m so excited about all this.  It’s not real to me yet, of course.  It won’t be until the day we leave.  Even the weekend before we leave when we’re loading everything into the storage unit it won’t be real.  ‘Cuz we’ll still be in this black hole of a city we call home.  It won’t be real until we’re on the road leaving.  D wants to drive straight through.  I’d like to spend the night somewhere.  It’ll depend on how much money we have.

I’m so happy that we’re making our life just that.  Ours.  We’re living our life/lives the way that works for us.  No, we don’t have cable tv but so what?  We rent dvd’s from the library and watch those, we read (less than we’d like to, admittedly) we walk and swim, and when we get bored we play card or board games.  It amazes me how many people just can’t fathom how we exist without cable or satellite tv.  Or without a car.

A girl at work the other day was all “oh my don’t have a car??  How do you get to places?”  So I said “well, we walk and take the bus.”  “Ohh…” she said, obviously still confused and continued “well how do you get to work?” (As if walking or the bus wouldn’t work)  I said “I walk.  It’s only a 10-15 minute walk here” and she just said “Oh..” She was genuinely confused.  As if walking some place just didn’t compute.  *sighs*

I truly hope this will work, that we will be happy there.  We will be what looks like a 15-30 minute walk to the East Bay beach.  😀 That, in and of itself, makes me really want to make it work LOL

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One response to “Goin’ to California…part 4

  1. lostmaverick

    May 23, 2010 at 12:22 PM

    I’m so happy for the two of you. I really hope the move is stress free and your able to hit the ground running once you get there.


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