don’t know what to say

30 May
don’t know what to say

Naturally, it's late LOL The other day D got a hair up his ass to strip me, put me on the liberator (for good background) and wrap me up in my purple rope lights. No complaints here 😉

I’m not sure what to say, so here goes everything and nothing at the same time! LOL

I got my ink! 😀 Maybe I’ll post a pic later here.  I feel kinda bad about it, ‘cuz we need the money to move, but I also made a commitment to the artist, and paid a deposit.  Plus, she took the time to actually create the design for me.   And I love it!  Plus, she gave me an incredible deal (drawing it for me, plus 1 hr 45 min of work for only $180) and the work is excellent.  The shading needs touching up, but that always does.  Near the end of the tattooing process, the skin gets so inflamed that I don’t even know how they stay in the lines LOL

Moving wise we’re nearing the date.  Everything is settled with the new landlady, just need to fax in a signed hold agreement thingy (which we were supposed to do yesterday.  whoops lol).  Our move in day is June 16th.  We are leaving here on June 14th.  It’s a 29 hour drive. O_O

My mom is not happy about it.  I can see that.  But I can also see that she is doing her best to be supportive.  I cannot ask for anymore than that.

We are getting rid of a ton of stuff.  We actually are gonna see if we can get everything down to just a box or two of stuff (plus clothes, cats etc) and just take it all in the car.  That’d be really fucking cool.  Would really bring us to a whole new level of starting new, starting afresh, ya know?  But, only if we can and are comfortable with that. I’d like to, ‘cuz then we won’t have to worry about coming back home and taking a uhaul down.

Here it is 🙂

D is still incredibly stressed out.  It’s been very hard for him, knowing most if not all the funding for the move has come from me working.  I’m done with my job here on Thursday.  My first “assignment” from my new job is in the mail on it’s way to me, so it looks like that one is panning out.  I am still planning on looking for a job down there, just to be safe.  I won’t consider this new one golden until I have my first paycheck, ya know? Better safe than sorry and all that.

He’s still having to cope with the fact that he needs me in a whole different way than I need him right now.  He’d be fucked if I weren’t supporting him.

I’m actually starting to panic a tad when it comes to thinking about the move.  that it’s really happening.  I’ve been wanting and needing to move away from here for so long, and we’re making it work.  Burning a couple bridges in the process, but we’re making it work.  We are making our life work for us, creating a life for us that makes us happy, so that we can be happy and comfortable as us.  It’s blowing my mind that it’s happening and I am glad I have Xanax in my medicine cupboard.  lol

Things are actually turning out good, or looking like they are.  It’s possible this is all gonna go pear shaped and dump down the drain to Hades.  I realize that.  But we hope not, and we are doing everything in our power for it to not happen.  We are getting a good home in a good neighborhood, with a good landlady.  Really, you can’t ask for much more than that! LOL D is going to be going to college (Woot woot!) and I have a very well paying job (provided it pans out and actually pays me.)  I am going to try to start up my sex toy selling business again, and look for a part time job in a store or something.  (I’d maim to work in the Sanrio store that’s in the mall by my new apartment!) We are also going to finally have our own internet, so it’s reliable.  (No more taking 2 hours to post 2 reviews ‘cuz my pics won’t upload! WOOT!)

Best of all?  I’m actually going to be able to save money! We’re talking about taking a real vacation next year.  Since my job is with a travel agency, I supposedly get 1 free vacation a year, so we’ll see how that is.  Otherwise we’ve talked about just renting a car and driving around the country seeing places.  And I will, read me WILL see a pretty kitty too!! 😉

But, that’s about it for now.  It’s kind of a lazy day today for us… It was hotter’n Hades yesterday (93* with about 90% humidity plus warm wind.. x.x) but we got a good rain so it’s cooled off a ton (58* now) but it’s still humider’n hell.  Gonna chill I think…

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