a bit of an updatey

31 May
a bit of an updatey

H'eh, I thought that was cute. And I've SO been there! I've moved a few times under the cover of night, when no one knew or was looking lol ... the last time it was raining too >.>

So yea.  Not much is going on right now, except moving stuff.  Pretty  much now, everything we’re doing is gearing up for the move.  We took today 2 loads to this thrift store that’s near our apartment.  I have, in the past, tried to donate there as much as I can, and also shop there.  Their profits go to the local women’s shelter, so that’s good enough for me! LOL We took 5 garbage bags full of clothes and also the hand cart full of boxes of stuff.  (I have a dolly, and it can be transformed into a 4 wheeled hand cart 😀 Love it!) And already I have another, albeit small, box full of stuff to donate.  D says he figured we’d have at least one or two more.  I fully expect at least that much, plus what furniture we don’t want.

I put up 9 more items on craigslist, to see if anyone locally wants them.  Have 2 more things I need/want to put up as well.

Tomorrow we’re giving back our bedroom set.  We’ve been making payments on it, but the place we’re buying it from is local so we figured it’d easier to give it back and not make payments on it while it’s in storage and then just find another place and get a new set after we move.  Besides, the mattress on our bed is already shitty and killing our backs, after just a few months.  And, it’s one you can’t flip >.< what’s with that???

So that’s about all that’s going on.  The cats can tell that something’s up, what with the randomly disappearing shit, and me and D always being stressed out, but they’re being troopers and handling it.  We’re making sure to give them attention if it looks like they’re needing it.  In going through an old tub of camping stuff I found a couple cute out-door candle holders that I forgot I had, so that was fun.  D liked them as well, so we’re going to keep them for our balcony/patio at our new place.

I can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks away.  HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! O_O

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One response to “a bit of an updatey

  1. redvinylkitty

    June 1, 2010 at 12:46 PM

    Oh man, you guys are probably totally in scramble mode! But you’re doing it! Lol. Go Jessie Beth, go! ^^

    I remember when we tried to donate stuff or throw stuff (junk) away, our downstairs neighbor would totally catch us and be all “Hey! I want it! Gimme gimme gimme!” Lol! So she wound up with a bunch of stuff. Crazy bananas.


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