Heads Up!

24 Jun

So, recently Good Vibes let me review Heads Up; The Official Guide to Fellatio . Basically, it’s an adult film Directed by Carol Queen which describes “how” to give good oral sex on a man.  There’s a couple different parts to the video.  Well, 3 different parts in my opinion.  There’s the actual physical descriptions of the penis.  Dr Queen uses a nicely shaped wood phallus to show the physical attributes of the penis.  This is actually really good, because sometimes it seems like there’s very little actual information out there that’s not … I dunno.  Not made into a joke, ya know?  So, it was good to see that.  However, she talked very little about uncircumcised penises.  I understand that’s because there’s not all that many out there, who are not circumcised anymore, but they are still there.

Secondly, she talks about actual fellatio/head/oral sex.  One thing that she did state was that everybody is unique, and not everyone likes everything.  Which is good!

Lastly, there are several couples, at least one that seemed like a “real” couple (eg – not adult film stars) who demonstrated different techniques Dr Queen discussed.  Also, one thing I really liked was one of the couples emphasized how cumming, for the man, is not always necessary.  That the man can still get all the pleasure he wants/needs without ejaculation.  I think that was perhaps the best part of this video!

All in all, I didn’t learn anything new.  Although, seeing different techniques demonstrated was nice, it’s always helpful to have a visual to go with the audio.  If you’re looking for an actual adult video that’s all sex? This isn’t it. However, if you want a chance to pick up something new, perhaps a new technique or just some info, then this is definitely for you!

3 out of 5! Thanks Good Vibes!!


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