epic barking of death!

29 Jun
epic barking of death!

Apple Kitty finally ventured out to check out the new apartment! She is enjoying sitting on the banister for the stairs. She can see everything from there 🙂 ...except the bedroom lol

So our apartment complex backs up onto a couple streets of houses, then basically a hill and desert.  And then a lot more cities LOL  There is one house that has a dog.  (Well, there’s several houses with dogs, but there’s this one in particular…) They haven’t trained their dog.  S/he barks all. Night. Basically bursts of 2 barks over and over and over, for hours on end.  Ugh. >.<

Still no paycheck.  I have asked her to either re-issue me the check or Western Union the money.  I’ll wait for a reply and if it’s satisfactory I am going to quit.  I can’t work for a job that doesn’t pay! *sighs*

I am tanning more than I thought I would! LOL I knew I would tan, but never having had this much sun exposure (clouds are infrequent here) I’ve never really tanned to my potential.  Thanks to me being smart enough to use sunscreen every day (SPF 50, ultra sweatproof baby! lol) I haven’t burned too bad, until today.  Though it’s not bad.

However, I’m almost as dark as D now! *laughs* Though he is tanning too, so he’s getting darker as well.  It’s hard to compare though, ‘cuz our skin is totally different colors.  He’s mocha.  I’m cappuccino.

Yea, tan line, baby!

We use the pool and hot tub every day and I’m loving it.  Sometimes I can’t spend much time in the pool due to the cool water and my fibro, but I tell ya.  That hot tub is amazing!  It’s not quite as hot as the ones back home, so that makes it easier to spend longer amounts of time in there.  We still end up sitting on the edge for a while, and then going back in, etc.

I’ve started reviewing again, obviously, if you pay attention to my posts.  It feels good though, to be back into it.  It’s partially frustrating though, because my body has changed so much due to my surgery, a lot of the toys I liked before I don’t like anymore.  Thus, I don’t know what I like.  Although it does make it a bit exciting, ‘cuz I get to try out all kinds of new types of toys and see what I DO like! 🙂

I am so loving it out here.  It is so much easier to be myself, ya know?  The area is so open minded, especially compared to “back home.”  I’ve started wearing

Our hot tub! 😀

my ears to the hot tub, and I’m loving it! 😀  I’d wear them in the pool, but I do know how to swim so I go under frequently.  So, that would defeat the purpose…though I have been known to go under while wearing my sunglasses… LOL I am going to start wearing them actually out of the complex I think 🙂 I only have headband style ones right now, my Hello Kitty ones being my favorite.  ‘Cuz they’re so damn cute but also ‘cuz they’re most comfortable.

I plan on getting clip on ones as soon as I can.

Well, that’s about it for now.  I am going to place an order with Eden Fantasys 😀  I have some money left over on a gift card that’s burning a hole in my virtual pocket teehee….

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One response to “epic barking of death!

  1. redvinylkitty

    June 29, 2010 at 11:06 AM

    I hear you on the sun exposure thing! We’re a mile up now, and there are more sunny days here than in San Fran, I’m told. It’s just nuts! Talk about having to cover myself in freaking sun-block! Lol.

    Glad you’re back into the reviews. 🙂 It really is so fun, I’d miss it if I wasn’t doing it. 🙂

    Mew 😉


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