The Vida Vanta

29 Jun

The Vanta with all she comes with 🙂

So, thanks to me being open minded about swapping toys, and the Vanta being sterilizable, (gotta love non porous materials) I am now the proud owner of a Vida Vanta!  She’s a great toy, but I’m not sure how worth the price tag she is.

The Vanta comes with the rechargeable clit toy (too small for insertion), power cord, over-sized carry case and small booklet.  The booklet is more promotion for the line of toys than anything.  There are some instructions in the back however.

The Vanta is rechargeable as well!  Awesome right??  On the top of the thick handle, there is a small flap of silicone that covers the charging port.  Simply plug her in to the wall using the power cord and she charges right up! Love, love, love rechargeable toys!

You have a standard power cord, though it’s not one of the new sideways ones that makes it easier to plug 2 things into one outlet, so you need to use the bottom outlet if you want to use both parts of the plug.

The carry case is nice, it’s leather with a very thick foamy insert for the Vanta to fit (very, very snuggly) in, with room underneath the insert for the power cord.  The zipper however is one of those uber thick ones, and I really dislike those.  I

Comparitively, the size of the vanta. Perhaps 4" long.

find (especially this one) to be actually very rough to zip.  The booklet is about a half an inch too long no matter what way you put it to fit inside the carry case.  Considering how small the toy is and how compact the power cord is, I find the case to be quite a bit .. well, just too much.  However, it is very nice to see toys coming out with such good and safe storage, which does make taking it with you on travels easier.  However, it would take up quite a lot of space!

As for the toy itself..she has 5 power settings.  The button you can see in the picture (it glows pink when it’s on) is on and off, as well as scrolls through all 5 power settings.  They range from about 2 on a 1-5 scale to so much I could barely feel it.  Sound wise though, she is very quiet.  Close your door and you’re fine.  Heck, in the same room go about 10 feet away and you won’t hear this toy! So mucho kudos on the quiet factor!!

She feels quite nice up against the skin, being made of anodized steel and hygenic silicone.  This means that she is sterlizable (as she’s non porous) but

Sitting in the case. A little bit of extra space, no? I'd say take out the foam, and put a lot of other stuff in there too!!

you need to make sure to use silicone *free* lubes and cleaners.

As for did she work with me?  A bit yep!  She’s comfy to hold on to, the holding end fitting nice in your hand.  However with as short as she is, and being a bit girl it did take a bit to find the exact right position so I could be comfy and also have the smaller end sitting on the right place on my clit.

While she’s too short to be insertible, this is a toy that you could use just by moving her over your sensitive bits; your tits, labia, the entry to your vagina.  You can get a lot of pleasure in a lot of places with the Vanta!

The button is also in a convenient place for you to click when you need to change the setting.  To turn it off, just hold it down for 3 seconds and she will power down.

Finally, she is marked as being “waterproof.”  I did not submerge her, as I am not comfortable with how much water got into the recharging port by just washing her.  I would be comfortable taking her in the shower, no problem.  But with the amount of water that got into the charging port from just washing her, I would not feel comfortable submerging her.

She may not be my favorite toy, but with how uber quiet she is, and the uber travel friendly nature of her, this is one I’d have no problems with taking on my travels!

All in all I  give the Vida Vanta a 4 out of 5.  She’s good to use, but a little overpackaged. 😉


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18 responses to “The Vida Vanta

  1. Kayla

    July 6, 2010 at 5:57 AM

    I think the overpackaged is a good thing. 🙂 I do keep my booklet in with the toy – I just slide it in the side, and when the lid closes, it folds over the book a bit, but it doesn’t bother me. And I actually had someone try to tell me that the Vanta should be used for insertion too. I thought they were being pretty silly. Good review and pictures. 🙂

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