My religion.

04 Jul
My religion.

The pentacle. Represents the 5 elements. Earth. Air. Fire. Water and Spirit.

So.  I know for a lot of people, paganism is “way out there” at best and devil worship at worst.  So, I thought I’d talk a little bit about it, and explain my beliefs, seeing as how there will be a lot more in my blog about my spirituality in the direct future.

So, because I’m a list freak, here’s some things that I believe in, and following that, things that I do not believe in:


  • Faeries, dragons and other “fantasy” creatures – for me, these beings are my angels.
  • Reincarnation – I believe that our spirit/soul is in this plane of existence until we have learned what we need to learn.  Then, we go to the Summerland (heaven) for a few years until Deity decides there is something else we need to learn.  In which case, we are reincarnated.  This cycle of birth, death and rebirth happens until we have learned all that we need to learn.  After that, we spend eternity in the Summerland.
  • I may be wrong about it all – The way I look at it, is that there *is* an omnipresent Deity out there.  However, being only human, I/we are unable to fully understand Deity’s fully scope.  As such, we simply translate  Deity into whatever form(s) works best for us.  This is why there are so many religions, dogmas and denominations out there.  Since they all go to the same place, none are inherently wrong.  However, seeing as how I’m human and have limited understanding, it’s possible the way that I interpret Deity is nothing akin to what he/she/it really is.  But, at least I believe something.  (Atheists – please do not take that as a slam against atheism.  What I mean by that statement is a “slam” [for lack of a better word] against those people who “believe” whatever is most “in” at the moment, so they can get attention.  …I hope that was understandable.  Those people who are a particular religion or denomination for the sake of attention.)
  • Magik/c/ck – However you want to spell it.  LOL  I believe in magic, deeply.  I believe it in the sense of …the wonder of childbirth is magical.  Love, in all it’s genuine forms is magical.  I also believe in the magic of consciously putting forth my energy, my ch’i or mana for other terms, towards a specific goal, in 2 ways.  1 – In action form.  If I need something, for example a job, I actually put forth my time and effort filling out applications and sending them in, making sure my resume is up to date, etc.  2 – In spiritual form.  If my need is serious/severe/great enough, putting together an appropriate spell.
  • More than one Deity – Sort of.  I believe that Deity is unfathomable and omnipresent.  As such, I interpret Deity as having many, many sides ranging from different gender to different purposes.  So, if I am honoring Deity for, say, Beltane I would use a representation of a young Maiden, ripe with life.  Whereas for Yule I could honor Deity as a Mother, giving birth.  On the flip side, I could use male Deity figures as well.
  • Agricultural Holy Days – I do not believe in, nor do I celebrate (though depending, I will participate in festivities, if the situation calls for it) standard holidays such as Christmas or Easter.  Because they are religious, and they are not my religion.  Now there are those that are atheist or agnostic that often celebrate a secular Christmas, and I see no problem with this.  Whatever works for them! The holy days that I celebrate honor the changing of the seasons (though I will visually see that a lot less in Cali.  That is the only thing me and D miss from back home.)  The cycle of birth, death and rebirth that we see with Mother Earth.

I believe in 3 "seasons" of life, for the woman. Maiden, Mother and Crone. I am a Maiden, yet in this life.


  • The devil – I do not believe in any kind of “ultimate evil.”  Nor do I believe in the concept of sin.  I believe that every single one of us has the capacity for both great positivity, and great negativity.  And if I, or you, or you over there, knowingly do something bad, it’s our own fault.  In my opinion, and I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, blaming something on the devil is simply a cop-out.
  • Hell – I believe in karma.  As such, I believe that when we do good or bad works, we get repaid in kind, by the Universe.  On the same note, I do not necessarily believe in the Rule of Three.  That you get repaid 3x whatever you did.  I believe that whatever the Universe repays you in karma, it’s equal to what you did.  Good or bad.
  • Proselytization – I believe that it is inherently wrong to attempt to force your beliefs on another person.  Now. Yes.  I am making a whole blog post about my beliefs.  However, it’s obvious what it is and I am in no way making you read it.  You are reading this by your choice.  It is nothing more than an informational post for those interested.  And perhaps a small reference point for some, in the future when reading posts I will eventually make.  While my spirituality is perfect for me, that in no way, shape or form makes it perfect, or even okay, for someone else.  Everybody is unique in their own, special way and that means every single thing about them.  I’ve said this before, and I will always hold by it: Life would suck if we were all the same.
  • Black and White magic – Magic in and of itself, is inherently neutral.  It’s the wielder and what s/he does with it that is bad.

The Wheel Of The Year

So I mentioned spells and magic.  Yes, I believe in both those things.  Once I’m settled here I’ll have an altar, the same one I was going to build before we moved.  (Yes, I’ll post pics 🙂 )  I believe in lighting candles, saying chants and things like that, to release my will into the Universe to affect change.

Specifically, I am a green witch, or kitchen witch.  I’ve also seen it called hedge witch and cottage witch.  I am also a goddess worshiper.  I focus my beliefs on the Goddess in her many, many forms and on nature/Earth.  I wish to learn herbal healing.

I am also adept at reading tarot cards, and am a tarot deck collector.  🙂 (thankfully, they all made it in the move! …i think…) OH! I’m also really good at playing the djembe drum and chanting 🙂 .. at the same time too! lol

Anyway, I could keep going, but, especially if you’re unfamiliar with paganism it’s a lot to take in.  Plus, my fingers are tired lol and please.  If you have any questions, ask me! 😀


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2 responses to “My religion.

  1. Ashlyn Rickard

    July 4, 2010 at 8:41 PM

    Hey. I came upon your blog randomly when i was bored out of my mind. Anyways, I’ll confess that I am completely ignorant of your religion as well as witches of any kind (let me preface that with the fact that I am not at all condemning you or anything of that nature. If anything I say is offensive at all, I apologize, for it was not meant in that manner at all. Like I said, I am completely ignorant). I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about what you believe, why you believe it, and the nature of your “worship,” if I might use that word.

    You said that you believe in one Deity (with many facets), however, you also mentioned a goddess. Maybe I am simply confused; is this goddess some form of the Deity? Do you accurately predict things with your taret cards? What kind of spells do you use, and what are they like? You said that you don’t believe in the Devil, does that mean you don’t believe in demons? Or are dragons and such demonic as well as angelic? Also, there were a few words I was confused about. Beltane?

    I am very interested in your beliefs, but I should make it clear that I don’t intend to follow paganism, but rather, simply learn about it. I won’t lead you on. I am a Christian, so I have completely different views from you; however, I promise that I am not here to try to convert you or even debate with you. I am simply curious. With that said, I hope that you’ll get back to me on this. If it makes it easier, you can email me at

    • Jessie Beth

      July 4, 2010 at 9:03 PM

      Hi Ashlyn 🙂 Thanks for your comment. I will address your questions probably tomorrow, when I am able to think them through and make my answers understandable. If you don’t mind, I may also post them on my blog as well 🙂

      It is quite amazing the things you an find online when you’re totally not looking for them isn’t it? LOL


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