The Bon Bon

06 Jul

Comes in a sturdy box with a satin-ish drawstring pouch for storage.

Ahhh the Bon Bon . By Natural Contours, this unique looking little clit toy is available from Babeland. Although, I’m honestly not sure what to say about it.

Well, okay.  It takes 2 AAA batteries that do not come with it.  They go in through the side into what would be the bottom of the toy.  The “door” for the battery compartment is ridiculously difficult to open, D could barely get it open.  While this is good as that is what makes this toy splash proof, I don’t think it should take is 5 painstaking minutes to slide open the hatch to replace batteries.

The Bon Bon made out of ABS plastic, which makes it a snap to clean.  Since it’s splash proof, you can really rinse if off good and well if you need to.  You can wash it with warm water and mild body safe soap, or use your favorite toy cleaner.

The button is on, off and cycles through the 3 speed settings and 1 pulse setting.  It starts on high, which was a first for D and I, and then cycles down to the lowest setting and then the pulse setting, then off.  The low setting is really very low, perhaps a .5 on a 1-5 scale, the high being maybe a 4.

The epically difficult to open battery compartment.

The location of the button is on the right hand side, which is convenient if you’re right handed, it’s right under your index finger.  But if you’re left handed (D pointed this out to me as he is left handed) the button would be under your ring finger.  Perhaps not prohibitive to use, but not as easy/comfortable as using your index finger.

Now.  Performance.  For me, not there.  Considering the small size of this toy I hoped I’d be able to use it, considering my large outer labia.  Well, I honestly spent more time trying to fit it in there and keep it on my clit, then actually enjoying it.

Size comparison with Ophoria K-Balls. The BonBon really is a small toy. The widest part of this toy is only 2.75" wide with the short end being only 2". It's quite a small toy.

However, if you have small outer labia, I think the Bon Bon work a lot better for you.  Because of the shortness of the “nose” of this toy, if you have thick outer lips like I do, it’s not long enough to just slip in, you need to use another hand to hold open your lips so you can use your second hand to hold the toy down.  It’s really a lot of work.  Even with both me and D working with it, it was simply prohibitive with my thick lips.

All in all, for me, I have to give the Bon Bon a 2 out of 5.  However, I firmly believe that if you have smaller outer lips, then this would be a fun sex toy to add to your collection!  Thanks for the chance to review it Babeland.!!


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15 responses to “The Bon Bon

  1. Epiphora

    July 6, 2010 at 5:33 PM

    One of my big pet peeves is toys that don’t rest comfortably between my labia. I totally know what you mean. Yeesh.

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