Lust Dust Edible Body Powder

11 Jul

The Lust Dust has a piece of clear plastic over the plastic insert that you'll want to take off prior to re-storage.

So, edible things that go on the body I’ve always been leery of. Typically not only do they taste nasty, but they’re impossible to clean up and they have all sorts of horrible ingredients that have tons of q’s and z’s in the names that you’ll never be able to pronounce. Which is why I’m loving Lust Dust Edible Body Powder from Good Vibrations . Not only is it a snap to clean up, it has a whopping 3 ingredients, all of them pronounceable. The flavor I have is strawberry chocolate, it also comes in honey vanilla.

Honestly when I saw that was the flavor I had I sort of cringed.  Normally chocolate is horrible when it’s in a product like this.  However, it tastes epically nom-tastic!  It tastes like… well, dried hershey’s strawberry syrup mixed with chocolate syrup.  If that makes sense, and it smells even better! LOL

It comes in a little cup with a twist off lid.  It’s a o.7 oz (20ml) container.  The powder sits in the bottom, with a plastic strainer type cap on top of it, that the applicator sits in.  The applicator is a cute little white powder puff (i’m sure there’s a fancy name for it that I’m unaware of.) The top of that is satiny and has a little strap that you can slip your finger under.  That’s nice ‘cuz as it sits and you’re not using it, the residue can fall off the puff and back into the powder reservoir so it doesn’t get all nasty on the puff.  The little strap on this is actually a bit small, so if you or your partner has thick fingers, you may end up just pinching the puff between your fingers inside of using the strap.

With this, a little goes a long way in epic proportions! The first time I used it was admittedly right after I opened the box. I chased D down, pulled his shirt off and patted a little of the Lust Dust on his shoulder then licked it off.  The amount I put on was about 3 small taps on the reservoire and that left quite a lot on his shoulder.

The next time we used it D gave it a couple good hard/deep taps on the reservoir.  He was able to cover my labia and both breasts with the powder! (**One thing to keep in mind ladies is that there’s sugar in this.  So please do your best to not get any inside your vagina.  The sugar could cause a yeast infection.**)  So it gives a good covering to where you’re applying it.  Also, I noticed that you do not need to focus on the appearance of a thick application.  Even if it *looks* thin on the skin, there will still be a lot of flavor there.   So no really  need to double-tap on the skin, unless the powder on the puff ran out.

I have to say that when it comes to edible body products this is the first one that I’ve really liked! The taste and smell is good. It is not clumpy or lumpy or cloying or anything like that. Plus, it doesn’t solidify or anything weird like that in your mouth. It just disolves so you have the nice taste without anything else.

I am really liking the Edible Dust and really plan on sticking to that rather than an edible oil or anything else. There’s no stickiness and if you spill you either sweep it up or vacuum it!

5 out of 5!! Epic win Good Vibes !!


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9 responses to “Lust Dust Edible Body Powder

  1. redvinylkitty

    July 16, 2010 at 11:35 AM

    Oh nice review! 🙂 I wanted to try this, but wasn’t sure it was vegan or not (still not sure, but it probably isn’t..). Anyway, it’s nice to hear that there are edible body products out there that taste good. 🙂


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