Pony Play Plug

11 Jul

Pony tail with standard plastic package.

Ahhh my very first tail… from Adult Toy Shoppe I must say I think my expectations were too high. The Pony Play Butt Plug was a little disappointing and a lot underwhelming.  The packaging is a standard plastic pack, the plug inside the tail hanging down.  Right away there was a bit of a rubber smell, but it went away quickly.

As far as an anal toy the plug is very, very small, something a beginner would need. It’s 4″ long with only a 1″ girth, so it basically won’t stay inf or me with any movement, and I am still an anal beginner.  I made it perhaps 5 feet walking before it fell out, and 3 feet crawling.  Standing and not moving was fine.  I believe that not moving while in the “doggy style” position would be similar.

If you need one this small (and if you have no or little experience, always try the smallest first. Safety first! Also – please make sure to use plenty of lube, and also clean your anal toy very, very good with anti-bacterial cleaner before and after each use.) I’d suggest wearing something to help hold it in; underwear or rope bondage or something similar.

The plug is made out of polymelt rubber.  So it *is* porous so you do not want to share this toy, no matter how thoroughly you clean it.  Since it is rubber you could boil it, but again.  I suggest safety first and if you have more than one pony you want to use this tail, just buy more than one.  I found that the rubber tended to hold onto whatever was on it.  After my first use the plug was a bit dirty and it took forever to clean off.  Longer than any other anal toy, even those that came out a lot dirtier than this one.  So the plug for this does take a bit more maintenance as far as cleaning goes.

13" nylon tail. Good for... looks is about it, in my opinion.

The tail is made out of black nylon.  It’s about 13″ long and is unpleasant to feel, unless you’re standing up. The Pony Play Butt Plug does feel kinda cool brushing against the backs of your legs!  The nylon tends to hold the position it was in for the longest time, so when you receive it, it’ll be shaped however it was sitting in the package.  Mine is still full of kinks from the bubble wrap envelope I got it in.  If you will be putting your pony in a show or anything, I’d suggest giving this tail a little TLC too, so that the hair is hanging in the right way for you.  It would be difficult to swish the tail back and forth or anything like that, due to the small size of the plug.

The wedge on the plug is quite narrow, so if your pony is nude it would be possible to push it in far enough it would be a bit enveloped by your pony’s butt cheeks, while still being safe from it not getting “swallowed”.

Really, the Pony Play Butt Plug is okay for beginners in my opinion, and that’s about it.  I tried walking and crawling and the tail kept falling out.  Standing it was fine, though, so if that’s what you want from your pony, then this is the tail for you.  If you need your pony to move, at all, you’ll want a tail with a thicker plug.

3 out of 5.  Thanks Adult Toy Shoppe !!!


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