life organization

12 Jul
life organization

So, a lot of the past few days has involved me thinking.  A lot.  A crazy lot.  Good things and bad, etc etc.  You know the drill 🙂  I’ve noticed that I’m a lot more impatient than I used to be, it sort of snuck up on me and is really bothering me.

I’ve also come to realize just how disorganized I/we am/are, and we both want to change that.  So we’re going to start implementing lists and the like with our life.  That will help us keep track of where our money is going regarding household things, what we use, what we need to keep in the house, keep extras of and such.

I’m going to be getting a nice purse and a day planner.  And a Kindle!  I so can’t wait LOL That’s after I upgrade my phone which hopefully will be in a couple weeks.  We broke down and splurged so D could have a phone.  We got separated at the mall the other day, and it made us realize that we really needed both of us to have a phone.  If for no other reason than safety.  He got a Samsung Moment and it’s fucking awesome!  I’m considering that one or an actual Android.  We’ll have to see how the money situation is looking.  I have a couple personal debts I need to take care of, and one that’s so old it’s been forgotten that now that I’m making decent money I am deciding how I want to handle.  It was a decent amount to a couple that’s now divorced.  I’m still friends with the male of the group, so I’m thinking of sending him a check for half the debt amount.  (It’s too much to just pay all at once.)

We also want to start making menus so we can be more organized with our cooking and grocery shopping.  Right now it’s sort of a grab what looks good scenario, which doesn’t work.  Although, we are both slowly implementing our own diets, which are almost as different as Red Vinyl Kitty’s and Macula Pravus’.  LOL

D’s body works best with a high protein, high ruffage diet.  He likes to have fish almost every day, salads every day, a bit lower on the veggies and lower even more on the fruit.  Whereas for me, I need lots of whole grains, and very little meat, with lot of fruit and probably an equal amount of veggies.  Plus, D loves cow’s milk and it makes me sick.  I love rice and soy milk, which he hates.  So, it’ll be different.  We are both a little annoyed, as we enjoy cooking and eating meals together.  We’ll still be able to cook and eat together, just not the same things all the time.

At the same time, we both recognize that we both need to get healthier and that as different people, we simply have different dietary needs.  What can you do? *shrugs*  So, our grocery shopping is slowly becoming a “mine and yours” thing rather than “ours.”

I’m having to make decisions about how far to cut things from my diet like soda and candy, and what and how much of it I’ll let in.  I do know certain things that help curb my cravings that I can eat a little of that’ll go a long way, so I’ll be starting to get those things to keep around the house.  We also found this epic nom-tacular blood orange soda at the Lucky’s across the street that is uber good and a few swallows serves to cub my soda craving.

We found a beach in San Francisco that we really want to go to.  We are considering making a thing of it and maybe getting a hotel room at the beach too, so we can just go and enjoy ourselves without having quite the time constraints of public transportation to get home.

We are also planning on going to a sci-fi/fantasy convention too.  They mostly go on in the spring, so we have a bit to wait though 😦 If nothing else though, it’s epic time to make a rockin’ costume!  Any ideas/suggestions???

I’m thinking of Comic-Con but that’s in San Diego, so we’d have some epic transportation to deal with.  For here in town BayCon looks really really good, PLUS next spring in San Francisco is an official Star Trek Convention!!  I really wanna go to that too.  Maybe I’d go as an Orion Slave girl teehe 😉

Anyway, that’s about it for now.  I have a couple reviews to write, and a few toys that need testing, except I got my period so I’m not even remotely in the mood.  But, one review I can do without penetration so…yea.  Think I’m gonna do that 😀



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2 responses to “life organization

  1. Shii

    July 12, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    Oi, I feel you on the different diet things. I do all of the cooking in our home, and cooking two different meals every time you want to eat is challenging. But, you get used to it, and I think as long as you plan the meals so that you can both eat at the same time, it helps to keep it feeling like you’re a couple, rather than roommates or something, if that makes sense.

    Ah, conventions! Comicon is definitely the best one in California, from what I’ve heard, if you can make it. It’s coming up shortly, and the tickets sell out really fast, as do hotels, so it might be too late. 😦 A bunch of our friends fly down there every year because though there is one up here, the California one really is the greatest. I hope to go next year, after I can save up money and think of an awesome costume. We could meet up, haha! 😀

    • Jessie Beth

      July 12, 2010 at 5:36 PM

      Hey that’d be so cool! 🙂 But yea, it’s to late to make Comic-Con. As sad as that is, I’m sort of okay ‘cuz with such little notice you really can’t make anything of it, ya know? It looks like BayCon is pretty cool too, so I may have to plan on that one 🙂

      Yea, D does the main cooking and I do the baking. It’ll be interesting to see how this goes, food wise LOL


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