It's an Elephant!

19 Jul

The Heart Racing Ele 🙂

And it’s damn cute too!  The Heart Racing Ele is a rabbit vibrator from . What’s unique about it is that it also has an anal part too, that me and D call the “tail.” This is quite the unique little toy!

The Heart Racing Ele uses 3 AAA batteries that are not included. The really nice thing that Cal Exotics did for this toy is that the battery compartment actually has a pull out plastic piece that you snap the batteries into, then slide that piece right into the toy. It sure makes it easier for figuring out which battery goes in which way!

As is standard for rabbit vibrators there is a shaft and a clitoral piece. The clitoral stimulator vibrates and has it’s own control at the top of the control pack. IT has 7 functions that include vibrations, pulsations and escalations. The shaft has 5 strands of rotating beads that has it’s control at the bottom of the control pack. There are 3 speeds and you can change the direction the beads rotate in.

Ack! Sorry I didn't get a pic of the controls 😦

The shaft is about 1 1/2″ thick, about 4 1/2″ insertible.  It has raised hearts along it that D thought would be problematic for me, as I tend to not really like having things like that on my vibrators.  Though,t hey’re pretty low profile, they’re not very tall.  It just feels like.. it’s just a different sensation.  The tip of the shaft is quite different as well.  It has 3 levels of narrow, thicker then thickest.  I didn’t notice this at all when it was inserted.

“Ele” the clitoral stimulator part looks like an elephant.  The elephant’s tusk is the part that will hit your clitoris.  I noticed though, that it’s just too thin.  When it’s on the lower settings it hits the clit okay, but they’re just too low to do much of anything.  In the highest setting, because of how fast it’s vibrating it’s actually really making the tusk move.  A lot.  So it really only brushes over the clit.  A total bust.

Aha! here ya go 🙂 Ele's control pack.

The anal “tail part” is the elephants tail.  It’s just too short to even hit the anus.  Does absolutely nothing.

Ele IS waterproof though!  While I wouldn’t submerge her, there is quite a lot of threading and a very good o-ring in the battery compartment, so taking her in the shower is no problem at all!  And it’s also nice for cleaning; not having to worry about water in the battery compartment.

Ele is made out of TPR.  So, she is *not* 100% sterilizable so no sharing!  But, this means you’re free to use a silicone lube with her.  For cleaning use your favorite antibacterial toy cleaner, or warm soap and water.  She comes in Cal Exotics standard plastic box with a little info on it, and a plastic insert that the toy fits right into.  Nothing special, but works if you don’t want to toss her in with your other toys.

Honestly, I was really disappointed with Heart Racing Ele. She’s positively adorable! Just not very functional. I can see this vibrator working better for a very petite woman. For me though? Doesn’t do anything.

3 out of 5!! Thanks!!


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