Pink Water

19 Jul

Pink Water - Water Based Lubricant For Women

So, I’d heard of pink water before. Seeing it on websites and in comparisons of various personal lubricants. So when Fascinations Fun Love asked me if I wanted to review it, ya damn straight I did! A good, personal lubricant is, at times, the key to a successful sex session.

Pink Water comes in a 3.3oz bottle. It’s clear, so you can easily see as you use it, how far down it is. The top of the bottle is a push down dispenser that actually dispenses very little per push. So sometimes you need to push it a few times. It comes with a cap that sets down on top of it. While you need to keep track of it, it’s nice to have something like that. I prefer push down dispensers, and it’s nice to know that it’s not going to accidentally dispense. The cap is easy to put on, but is secure. I held the bottle upside down and shook it, and the cap stayed on.

The cap goes right on top. No sliding it or anything.

Now.  Me and D both agree that this lube is best used with sex toys. It’s a bit thin, so it slides on and covers a toy very well. When used with another piece of flesh it dries out quickly. It seems to absorb into the skin quite easily so if you’re having sex for anything longer than 8 minutes I’d say, you’ll need to reapply. As for toys, it lasts a lot, lot longer than that.

Pink Water is water based and glycerin free.  So it is safe to use not only with condoms but with any kind of sex toy, including silicone ones.  I found that it actually works best with silicone toys.  It also has aloe in it, so it’s very good for your skin.

All in all, when it comes to using sex toys I’m grabbing for my Pink Water first!  For sex though?  No.  This is on the end of the list.

4 out of 5!!!  Thanks Fascinations!!


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