Tuyo…oh Tuyo..

19 Jul

Awesome storage box!

Tuyo.  Ohhh Tuyo…my how you look like a Pokemon ball! From Big Teaze Toys this little 3″ round vibrator is perhaps one of the coolest sex toys ever! Made of ABS plastic with a silicone sleeve around the middle it’s easily cleaned with your favorite toy cleaner.  Plus she’s sterilizable since she’s not pourous.  Using a 10% bleach solution you really can get this toy clean.  She’s powered by 3AAA batteries not included. Just twist the top off and put them in 🙂  The top is the part with the button 🙂

Tuyo is *not* waterproof.  There are no threads in the battery compartment, no o-ring or anything.  Even just cleaning her I got a little water inside the battery compartment.  Please take care with this.

The Tuyo has 3 speeds and 5 pattern pulsations. On any speed other than the lowest she’s actually very loud. On the highest setting she is REALLY loud. Truth be told, on the highest setting you’d be hard pressed to cover the sound. She’s louder than my fridge.

This unique vibrator is controlled by only one button.  Just push it down and she turns on.  Keep pushing her and she’ll cycle through all of her settings.  If you want to turn her off right away, hold her down for a couple seconds and she’ll power off.

Tuyo comes in a beautiful white box.  The inside is foam covered by a nice black

One of the most unique vibrators I've come into contact with, yet! 😀 And I LOVE her!

satin.  She fits right inside of it.  The lid of the box is connected to the bottom, and there’s a black satin cord that holds it on.

Tuyo fits right in the palm of your hand.  For use clitorally, unless you have very small lips she just doesn’t work. She’s too big to fit in the lips to hit the clit to be effective.  Now, she does feel very good on the outer lips and mons area!

For the nipples, the vibrations are not direct enough to stimulate them enough for the sensation to be pleasurable.

Now.  I absolutely, positively love this little sex toy for massaging my back!  I put her on her highest vibration pattern and put her on my lower back, on either side of my spine and she just vibrates the tension away.  Not a sexual use, but it works for me! LOL

I’ve read where this toy is classified as a discreet sex toy.  Not really.  though looking at her, unless you spot the “Big Teaze Toys” logo you won’t know what the heck she is until you turn her on, she’s simply too loud to be discreet.  You won’t be able to hide what you’re doing.

All in all, I am so happy that Better sent me this toy! Tuyo is not only cute and unique, but she really does make my lower back feel better. While my clit is jealous…well, we’ll get over it! 4.5 out of 5 ! 😀


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14 responses to “Tuyo…oh Tuyo..

  1. Kayla

    July 29, 2010 at 3:00 AM

    I always want to try the Tuyo, but I honestly just never get around to it. 😦

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