Pleasure Pad? YES Please!

21 Jul

Right. It didn't fit my chair right, but this worked just fine! 😀

Right. So. I’d never been interested in items like this until I saw this one.  Manufactured by Pipedream and sold over at Tabu Toys the Fetish Fantasy Pleasure Pad with Blindfold (boy that’s a mouthful! From now on it’s the Pleasure Pad) is perfect for masturbation with the woman on top.  The pad itself is about 16″ x 16″ square.  On what I will call the “long” side, it folds twice with 4″ flaps.

You can see the crease best, on the right hand side going up and down. Each flap is about 4" wide, with the center part being about 8" wide.

There are 2 straps per side, making for a total of 4.  Each strap is about 15″ on the side that connects.  Perhaps 6 inches on the side with the o-rings for attachment.  There is a hole in the middle for your dildo.  This product will need a dildo wtih a flared base so that it fits in securely.  Depending on the size of the dildo, you could either slide it up from the bottom, or if it’s larger you’ll just have to sort of squish the flared part of the dildo and wiggle it into the hole.  Once it’s in, it will sit securely on the piece of furniture you secure the Pleasure Pad on.

The Pleasure Pad is made out of a velvety soft material, I honestly couldn’t find the exact material.  The top is nice and velvety, the bottom can be a bit scratchy.  It can attract some fuzz and stuff, but honestly?  I imagine a simple handvac would do the trick if yours got extra-super dirty.

The box it came in is the standard Fetish Fantasy Series cardboard with half naked people on it, “using” the toy.  I’m just going to keep this in a drawer.

And the smaller dildo.

The Fetish Fantasy Pleasure Pad with Blindfold is actually a “kit.”  It comes with: the pleasure pad, a small anal-sized dildo, a larger dildo, a blind fold, a sample water based lube and a sample toy cleaner.  The blindfold is satiny, a fairly standard one though it doesn’t give much room for it to fit over your nose.  The lube and toy cleaner, now they were itty bitty little sample tubes.  And to be honest, I lost them the first day I opened this.

As for the dildos, they are both jelly.  The blue one shown in the top most picture is about 5.25″ by 1.25″.  Now, it’s quite realistic, although it has a weird curve to it.  When I used it it hit me in the wrong way and I just wouldn’t use it.  As for the small 5″ by 1″ probe I didn’t use it at all.  As I said, these are jelly dildos.  The blue one was challenging, but possible to clean.  The black one (as you can see in the above picture) was very dirty.  In fact it was quite impossible to clean.  After cleaning it off *after* I’d put it in the Pleasure Pad I turned around and grabbed my lube.  Took about 5 seconds.  When I turned back around what is in the above picture is what I saw.  In those 5 seconds the probe was horribly dirty again.  Due to this, I was not willing to use it.  I don’t want all that fuzz and stuff in my body.  *However* you are able to use any flared based dildo in this.  Right now, I’m loving my Tantus Charmer in it.

But, if you happen to enjoy the dildos and don’t have the cleaning issue I did, the flared bases also make as really good suction cups.  I tested them in the shower and the blue one stays on the wall of my shower very well.  The balls on the bottom of it also helps secure it if there’s a lot of downward motion.  Dual purpose! 🙂

The Fetish Fantasy Pleasure Pad

Despite my issues with the dildos that came with this sex toy I quite love it!  You can secure this baby to any sturdy chair or table (or rubermaid tub LOL) and fuck yourself away on it! You are able to really get it nice and tight and secure and get whole new kinds of sensations!

I’m really glad that Pipedreams came out with a product like this.  A good friend of mine is only able to have vaginal orgasms on top, and several years ago I remember her telling me how she had to cut down a cardboard box and duct tape it so she could have a dildo in it and masturbate with her on top so it’d be worth her time.

Any woman that likes to cum on top so needs this!

Accessories?  2 out of 5.

But the pad itself??? 4.5 out of 5!!  Rock on Tabu Toys!


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17 responses to “Pleasure Pad? YES Please!

  1. Kayla

    July 21, 2010 at 4:43 PM

    Such a neat little pad. I love the idea of this. Great review. 🙂

    • Jessie Beth

      July 21, 2010 at 4:47 PM

      Thanks! It’s only since I”ve been with D that I’ve learned I indeed CAN orgasm on top, so when I saw this I SO had to have it LOL

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