Sex and Vampires and More Sex Oh MY!!

21 Jul

Vampire Sex Diaries by Sex Line Cinema

(*NOTE: Sorry about no screenshots, I usually like to have them up.  My laptop has decided that I no longer have a DVD player, so I couldn’t do it that way.  D’s does, but it doesn’t have internet access. *eye roll* So again.  Apologies for no screen shots!)

Okay.  I love vampires.  I really do!  They’re sensual and sexy and there’s just something so epically erotic about neck biting… So.  I freely admit to pouncing on this when I saw it as newly available over at Babeland . Very recently released (January of 2010) Vampire Sex Diaries is what it sounds like. Vampires having sex.  It was directed by Gary Orna and has a run time of about 90 minutes.  This was a nice change from some of the story-line adult films coming out nowadays that run close to 3 hours.

Now.  I am not a porn connoisseur.  I am not terribly familiar with production companies or actors/resses or anything like that.  But, this adult film stars Jenna Presley, Tabitha Stevens and Sophia Santi. The story is very loose, but revolves around the thin plot of a hot biologist (actor Cheyne Collins) and his girlfriend (actress Ally Kay who is INCREDIBLY CUTE!) researching bats in southwest United States. It is filmed on location, which really was quite sexy! And made me want to fuck in the desert. 😀

Basically the biologist and his girlfriend encounter a brood of vampires in the desert who have sworn off blood and use sex to fulfill their feeding needs.  The girlfriend ends up getting fucked by a vamp and the main female vamp ends up getting quite fond of the boyfriend.  The ending is lacking, but aside from that they really follow the story line good.

Honestly a big complaint about this movie is the boots they threw the main character in for a couple scenes.  They were so epically tall it was obscenely obvious the actress was having a hard time walking in them.  Kudos to her

It had very few special features, only a slide show and behind the scenes photos.

though as she valiantly attempted to make it a sensual walk.

My biggest complaint about this movie though is the epic amount of spitting.  Sometimes a spit or two here and there is sexy. Makes it a little dirty and sometimes it’s just plain ‘ole enjoyable to watch a man spit on a woman’s vagina or anus.  However, every sex scene in this movie had spitting.  Spitting for lube, spitting to spit, spitting and playing with the trail of spit and more spitting for lube.  It really, really took away from what are some amazingly erotic scenes.

The soundtrack was awesome.  Plain old awesome.  It was industrial which I love and which really gets me in the mood.  The sets were very well made and quite sensual.  The female vampires clothes were also incredibly sensual and not slutty.  Very nice!

There was no anal in the movie, but a very hot masturbation scene with no toys and a very sensual woman/woman scene that included a strap on. A drawback for me was that in none of the scenes were condoms.  I know this is quite a controversial subject in porn, but I do like to see that as a safety precaution.  This porn did not have that.

The acting was quite good as were the special effects and make up.   I really liked the fangs and loved the blow job scene where she had to work around the fangs so as not to stab the poor man’s penis.  I also really liked the sets.  They were well done and did not look like a porn movie set.  Nice touch!

My favorite thing about this movie was the sensuality, rather than sexuality.  Sometimes it seems like a porn movie, which while is all about the sex, just gets too wrapped up in being “sexy.”  Sometimes it’s really nice to be sensual.  Sensuality can really get a girl going a lot more than sexyness.

In the end this movie is good, but not great.  I’ve seen better and seen way worse!  In my opinion I’ll be watching it again and again, but more for specific sex scenes rather than the whole package.  4 out of 5!  Thanks a million for indulging me Babeland!!


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