Ya Damn straight it's a tease!

21 Jul

Sometimes it looks like a penis, sometimes it looks like a finger. It is a tease in all ways! LOL

There are few toys I’m really comfortable taking into the shower with me.  No matter how waterproof they are, I just don’t like taking things with motors and such in the shower with me.  I don’t think I could really say why, but this one I actually AM comfortable taking in the shower!  Maybe it’s that handy ring on the back of it.  Maybe it’s more secure than others, I don’t really know.  But, the LilTeaser Pixie from California Exotics is a new adornment in my shower!  There are 2 other toys in the Lil Teaser collection, the Dotty and Sassy.

Pixie is about 3.25″ long and 1″ thick.  Made out of 100% pure silicone she’s non porous, so you can sterilize her with a 10% bleach solution.  You can also use warm water and a mild soap, or your favorite antibacterial toy cleaner.  Since I don’t share my toys, I just use an antibacterial toy cleaner.

The Pixie actually comes with her own battery! Yay!

Now, Pixie uses one of those small, camera batteries.  However, she comes with one!  YAY! 🙂 Just twist off the o-ring end of her, pop the battery in and twist the end back on.  There is a rubber o-ring plus several threads which keeps the water from getting into the battery compartment.  Now, I do not feel that she is submersible  Since there’s a motor and a part that opens up, I do not feel comfortable putting her completely in water.  For a shower though? OH yea.  It’s totally shower-able! lol

Performance wise, she’s pretty quiet.  Once you have that battery in to turn the Pixie on just twist the cap a little bit more.  She only has one setting, something akin to a medium setting on a 3 vibration settings toy.  This is really where the name “lil teaser” comes into play.  This is more of an external stimulation toy.  At only 3″ long I don’t feel she’s really long enough for insertion.  So it’s external stimulation on your nipples, clit, labia, outside your vaginal opening, etc.

For me, she’s enough to get me some small clit orgasms, which many times is just enough!  I don’t think you’ll be getting the big O from this one LOL  I think my favorite thing about her though is that plastic O-ring at the back.  It’s not one that moves, so if you slip your finger through there (I like using my middle finger) it really makes it easier to use, and takes away issues of slippage since both you and the toy will be wet.  Since she’s so short, this really helps you find the right place and keep her there.

All in all I’m really happy with this toy!  Her packaging is the standard Cal Exotics new plastic box with a clear plastic insert.  I’m really liking their new packaging as there aren’t porn-stars printed all over them.  There’s a little info about the toy and if you look at the bottom of you can find out where to register your product if you wish.

4 out of 5!  Thanks California Exotics!


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