The Fancy Me Sampler Kit

26 Jul

4 out of the 5 items that comes with it, plus the cute bag

The Fancy Me Sampler Kit is a good kit to get if you want to try out some new types of massage and body products . Available from Good Vibrations the kit comes with 5 items plus a cute bag to keep them in. And the items rock! If you enjoy the scent…

This kit comes in a cute mesh drawstring bag with faux fur on the top.  All the items fit nicely in and you’re able to close it up.  I really like this because not only is it simply cute, but it’s reusable and makes it easy for travel.  The bag is about 6″ tall and perhaps 4″ across.  It’s not all that big.  The scent I got is “morning dew” and it’s..well.  It’s horrible.  It’s awful.  The scent is like sticking your head in a box of soap.  However, the products themselves are okay, to good!  So, in no particular order, here you go!

  • Ignite Me Massage Candle – This candle comes in a small, 2oz tin.  The cap just pops off and on.  The candle burns easily, the light is not enough to light a room or anything like that.  As for it’s massage use, unfortunately the scent I got was too strong for me to keep it lit and have it near.  I am able to have it lit across the room for ambiance, but I cannot be too close to it due to the strong scent.  As such, I wasn’t able to use it for massage purposes 😦
  • Touch Me Massage Oil – The massage oil comes in a 2 oz bottle, with a pop top.  Just pop it back and you can dispense it.  The scent on this one wasn’t too terribly bad.  The oil massages in well, and does not leave too much residue.  It’s obvious you’ve received a massage with oil, but not so much that you’d need to wash it off.  It almost rubs in too well though and you may need to reapply if you’re giving an extended massage.  The scent for this one was alright.  It really does smell like morning dew, like putting your face in an outside flower early in the morning.  The scent does not stick around too long either.  The massage oil is very thin; you don’t even need to squeeze the bottle for it to dispense.  Just open it and tap it on your hand.  It’ll come out.
  • Knead Me Massage Lotion – It’s very, very thick.  The scent on this is very toned down, but also has a very strong lotion-y scent to it.  Sort of that underlying smell all lotions have that identify them as lotion.  This one is overlying.  For using it for massage, it soaks in too quickly, you’d need to reapply a lot, or have a very short massage.  However, it leaves your skin feeling wonderful!
  • Rub Me Massage Bar – Okay.  I love massage bars, I really do!  There’s something uber sensual about the bar massaging with your lover’s body heat.  However, this is the one thing that I was truly disappointed in.  The wrapper fell apart, but that can happen; it was basically tin foil.  So I put it on D’s back and it started to slowly melt, like it’s supposed to.  The scent was alright, not overwhelming but not really pleasant either.  I noticed we were getting a good amount on his back so I put the bar down and started rubbing it in.  And it rubbed in, but it left a bit of a film on his skin.  I was able to lightly rub my nails across his back and it all scooped up under my nails.  Ick!  I washed his back after that.  This is a 1oz massage bar.  I actually threw it out knowing I wouldn’t use it again.
  • Soothe Me Bubble Bath – So.  Bubble bath.  It’s a 2oz pop top bottle, like the lotion and massage oil.  It has a good bubble bath consistency and it bubbles up really nicely under a faucet that’s pouring at full force.  It won’t bubble with a lightly pouring tap.  However the scent.  I actually couldn’t finish filling the tub ‘cuz of the smell of it.  It really permeated the room when it combined with the hot water.  Normally this is good, but with this epic smell… I just wasn’t able to cope with it.

closer up (the massage bar was tossed - sorry!!)

So, all in all, the Fancy Me Sample Kit is good. The product is good, so long as you like the scent. 3 out of 5 for good product but a horrible scent! I really, really want another one of these in a different scent LOL Thanks Good Vibes!!

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