Japanese Silk Hogtie Cuff Set

01 Aug

Came in a rather large plastic clam shell container. At least it's recyclable!

I’ve been kinda obsessed with whether or not I could be hogtied for quite some time.  Ever since I got into bondage and BDSM I’ve wondered.  Due to both my current overweight body size status and my lack of flexibility in most positions.  So, when I had the chance to review their Japanese Love Silk Rope Hogtie set like I could turn it down. Mine is purple, Topco Sales also offers it in black and red.

I really enjoyed this more than D did. LOL 😉

It’s a set of 4 nylon ropes, connected to a center metal ring.  The ropes are quite thick and being a silky nylon feel nice on the skin.  However, if this gets caught on even 1 little nail, it will start to fray.  That is perhaps a drawback to this type of material.  If you look at it sideways it will pull and fray.  So take care with your Japanese Love Silk Rope! I found it quite impossible to get back into it’s original plastic shell, so you’ll probably want something else to store it in.  So you’ll probably want to have a satin bag for it or something.  Due to it’s ability to catch on things, I don’t think you’d want to store it with other items.

The ropes are a set of nylon braided together.  It’s 2 layers of what appears to be 4 ropes braided together.  The ones for the legs are longer at 16″ long.  The ones for the arms are about 13″ long.  This is at it’s longest.

Adjustable and removable plastic closure.

Each part has an adjustable end.  It slides up and down so you have room to comfortably put them on and remove them.  As you pull on them, they tighten.  This closure is also removable.  On the photo you can see what looks like a button or snap.  It is very, very tightly on, but you can just get a fingernail under there and remove this, which makes for a very safe piece of bondage gear!  If you were to flip that piece up, you could remove this entire plastic piece.  It’s this plastic piece (one on each of the 4 lengths of rope) that creates the “cuffs” for this.  If you remove it [the plastic piece] the cuff will no longer be formed and you could safely and quickly remove your restrained subby-poo in much easier and quicker time than if you had to fuss with the piece while keeping the cuff intact.  This is excellent if something happens and you need a quick release.  Also, if you keep paramedics scissors or something similar, they could be cut off if the incident is extreme enough.

We discovered it’s easiest to put it on the legs first, arms last.  Then, remove them arms first legs last.

2" diameter metal ring

A major drawback to this is an intense nylon smell that really gets into your brain.  I actually had this on my balcony for 3 days, 1 of them hanging by the metal ring so the breeze could help de-scent it.  Finally after over a week the scent is dwindling.  Perhaps it’s just mine, you never really know.

For cleaning I’d use a damp lint-free cloth.

All in all this is a great BDSM bondage set. Though despite being very careful, mine has already frayed in a couple places, though thankfully not bad. In my estimation, it’d have to be quite the crazy severe fray for it to affect the functionality of the Japanese Love Silk Rope Hogtie set . Thanks mucho Topco!! 4 out of 5!!


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