It's too pretty to play with

02 Aug

6 inches of absolute beauty...

Typically when I get a new toy, whether or not it’s one I’ve bought or one I was given to review, I rip it out of the shipping box, hurry up and open the container it’s packaged in, toss that out of the way and play with my new toy.  Well not this one.  When Fascinations fulfilled my desire for a nice quality dildo I never knew it’d be as beautiful as this one. I took the Tantus Acute Midnight Purple out of its box and just looked at it. Then I stroked it, nuzzled it, loved on it, nuzzled it some more and made love to it with my eyes. And I had no desire to fuck it! I just wanted to touch it and love on it with my eyes. It’s just too damn pretty to fuck!

The Tantus Acute Midnight Purple is 6 inches of pure silicone perfection.  He is 6″ long with a slight curve and even slighter ribs.  The base is nicely flared so you can use him in a strap on.  Or you can just make love to him with your eyes.  I like doing that too.

Just look at him. LOOK at him! Now do it now!! hehe 😉

Being that he’s silicone this is one dildo that you can sterlize. He doesn’t have any moving parts or motor so you can boil him for 3-5 minutes and he’ll be perfectly sterile. Also, since his base is flared and you can boil him, if you choose to explore anal play with him, he won’t let you down.  However as he is silicone, make sure to use water based lubes and store him away from other silicone or jelly products, as he may degrade.  And please… please do not let him melt!  It would be an affront to all our eyes!  He is too beautiful!

just... pretty.

Okay, silliness aside I love my new dildo. Fascinations really had an epic win when they sent me this one.  His curve and slight ribs are perfect to hit your g-spot.  I wish he was a tad bit longer, but that’s mainly due to me being a bigger girl and sometimes it’s a bit difficult to fully reach my box.  If you don’t have a bit of a stomach between you and your vaginal conquest, then he’s perfect for you!  A really, really nice thing about his 6 inches of length is that if you do not like cervical pounding and don’t have a very “short” vagina you’ll do just fine with him!  You’ll really be able to go at it without worrying about hitting your cervix.

Also, he’s got a moderate girth of 1 1/4″.  This is an excellent dildo if size is an issue for you.  He’s simple, unassuming and too beautiful for words.

5 out of 5.  I don’t think I’ve ever loved a dildo so much.  I think D is a little jealous lol 😉 Thanks Fascinations !!


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