Penthouse Couples Make Love lube!

02 Aug

The bottles join together. It's quite cute actually.

So I’m a little bit addicted to lubes right.  Not a guess anymore.  I admit it.  I’m a lube whore.  So, when I saw the Penthouse Couples Make Love Warming & Tingling Lubricant (phew! Now known as the Penthouse Lube for my review lol) I had to have it. Besides. It has 2 bottles that fit together. Adorable right?? 😀

Available from Topco Sales this set of lubes has 2 5oz bottles. One is a warming lube, one a tingling. They are designed to be used simultaneously.  Because I can be a curious kitty, I made sure we used them separate first.  They are pump action bottles and keep in mind a LOT comes out in one squirt.  So if you have one squirt of each, you will have a LOT of lube.  I suggest a half squirt of each.  We found it works best to put the tingling on the female, the warming on the male.  D said though that he didn’t get much sensation whereas I got a lot.  This has been very typical of our tingling/cooling/warming lube experiences.  Probably due to his foreskin. *shrugs*  Everybody is unique.

The bottles separate. The tingle has a piece that juts in, the warming has the piece that juts out and fits into the indentation of the tingling.

The Penthouse Lubes are water based and totally clear so they won’t stain and are safe with any toy.  I wouldn’t use them for anal play though, they just aren’t thick enough.  The warming didn’t seem to have a scent, the tingling smelled very pleasantly of spearmint.  They are very easy to clean off with a warm wash cloth.

The warming lube cannot be used as a sexual lubricant on it’s own.  It’s just too thin.  It seems more like an oil on it’s own, thus it doesn’t last.  D couldn’t even penetrate me.  It seemed like once it hit my cunt, it just absorbed.  He was able to finger me for a little bit, maybe a minute or two and there was a warming sensation though.

The tingling lube is what does the actual lubrication.  And it really is a good lubricant! It tingles very well, though it took a good minute or two of rubbing it in for the tingling to start.  Once we added the warming lube though it sure set off fire works!  I felt more of the tingling, but it sort of throbbed, for lack of a better word.  Long throb of tingles, short throb of warm, long throb of tingles, short throb of warm.  Rinse and repeat.

I am quite fond of this lube.  It really adds a unique experience to lube use, which is very nice when you use lube as frequently as we do.  And with that tingling lube mixed in it lasts quite a while.  I don’t imagine you’d need to reapply until after a good 10 minutes of sex if the female is really dry.

I highly recommend this lube set!  It really spices up the lube usage and again; I don’t believe it would work at all for anal play. 4.5 out of 5! Thanks Topco!


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