The We-Vibe II

02 Aug

Comes with a storage pouch that fits both the vibrator and charging cord.

So I’ve been curious about these since I first saw them last summer.  I had my doubts, as it seems that when you’re having sex you’d want to feel all of your partner’s cock in your box.  But there’s nothing wrong with trying something new!  So when Good Vibrations offered me the We-Vibe II to review like I’d say no. With the price tag it was probably the only way I’d get to try one LOL

The We-Vibe II is a silicone couples vibrator.  It’s in a c-shape and has a motor at one end, the “nose.” It’s also a rechargeable vibrator so it’s helpful for the environment.  Each end is about 3 1/4″ long, so it’s total length stretched out is about 7″.  Both sides have motors.  This leads to a lot of vibrations, both externally and internally.  It’s marginally thinner than the other end, and about 1″ wide.  It’s got ribs on that side as well, to rub against your g-spot.  The other portion sits nestled between your labia, ribbed as well, vibrating on your clitoris.

Being that she’s silicone, you want to use only water based lubricants. Also with being 100% silicone she is sterilizable with a 10% bleach solution. Because of the charging port, she is *not* waterproof. Because nothing is flared she is also not recommended for anal play. Also, please use the satin storage bag she comes with. It fits the vibrator and charger, so it keeps her safe from touching other silicone and/or jelly toys so she doesn’t get degraded.

A very small c-shaped vibrator.

The “nose” is the part with the recharging port as well.  On the top of that part you’ll see the logo.  Near to the end of that is a small button that turns the toy on, cycles through the 7 settings then turns it off.  You can also hold the button down a few seconds to turn it off.  When you turn it back on, it will return to the last setting you used.  With how small the button is and the fact that it’s nestled between your labia, finding the button again mid-play is very difficult.

Below that button (farther down the “nose”) is the recharging port.  It looks like a dimple.  Just take the cord and slide the end of it right in, all the way.  Plug it into the wall and it charges.  There are no lights or anything to say if it’s charging or not, or whether or not it’s fully charged.  These are useful traits for rechargeable vibrators to have and I hope it gets added to further versions of this toy.  The first time you charge it you should charge it for 24 hours.

Sitting on top of 2 5oz lube bottles, for size comparison.

There are 7 vibration settings, low, high then 5 pulsations.  The low is about 2 on a 2 to 5 scale, the high setting is a 5.  I actually found it to be too much and my vagina started to go numb after a minute or two.  She is also totally silent.  Even being about 8 inches away I couldn’t hear her on her highest setting.

The charge lasts a long time.  My We-Vibe II has been used for 40 minutes and shows no sign of quitting.  For sex however, it does not work for us.  D is simply too girthy for something else to be inside of me.  However as I was sitting down to write this review and we discovered just how quiet she is, we realized that she would work very well as a hidden vibrator.  As she’s nestled inside of you, she is enveloped by your labia.  And she is silent.  So, if you were to wear her out as you’re doing errands or whatnot, no one would know you’re wearing a vibrator.  Teehee nice little treat yea? 😉

4 out of 5! Thanks Good Vibrations!!


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19 responses to “The We-Vibe II

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  2. FD

    August 12, 2010 at 10:47 PM

    I have this as well, and I love the idea of wearing it out and about. How fun! You know, I wonder if I’ll experience the same issue that you had with this worn during intercourse? I’ll have to let you know how it turns out. 🙂


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