The Gia

03 Aug

Simple package.

This little g-spot vibe is the closest I’ve come to having a g-spot orgasm using a g-spot vibrator. Made by Topco Sales the Sinclair Institute Select Gia is white with soft green accents, and runs off of 2 AAA batteries that sit in a nice cup which you then insert in the battery compartment.  She is about 7″ long total, if you were to stretch her out.  Which you can’t ‘cuz she’s phthalates free plastic.  Though the tip on the insertible end is rubber.  The insertible end has a 1 1/2″ girth at the widest point.

I love it when they have those case things for the batteries. Makes it so much easier.

There’s 2 buttons you can see there, above the battery compartment.  The top one is the power button.  A red light comes on under the power button when she’s turned on.  The button below cycles through the 7 settings, 2 vibrations high and low, and 5 pulsations.  The pulsations are the kind that, at least for me, are just frustrating.  She’s kind of loud, but once she’s inserted a closed door and soft radio would do the trick.

Cleaning wise being that most of her is plastic toy cleaner does the trick.  However with the insertible end having rubber on it, rubber is porous so she is *not* sterilizable.  Also, the Gia is marked as being splash proof.  There is indeed a small o-ring in the battery compartment.  However the battery cap is not a screw on kind.  It just goes in and with the tiniest of turns clicks into place.  For me, that is not enough to feel comfortable with the toy around water.  A dash of lube, spritz of water and toy cleaner sure.  Anything more than that, and I just don’t feel that the o-ring is thick enough, nor does the cap screw on enough to protect it from splashing.

She is pretty, isn't she?

Performance wise, this toy is the closest I’ve come to g-spot orgasms using a vibrator, as I said.  I only wish the tip of the insertible end was textured in some way.  I come oh so close, but just can’t get over the hump for a good O with this toy.  However, she is excellent for stimulation of the clit, the labia and the vaginal opening.

She’s also very ergonomically shaped, which makes her easy to use, especially if you need to move her around.  The buttons are placed in a way that’s easy to change speeds no matter if you’re a leftie or rightie.

All in all she gets a 3 out of 5!  Almost there…just not quite. Thanks Topco!!


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