Tickle and Tease Me Doc Johnson!

03 Aug

Simple plastic box with plastic, indented insert for the vibrator to rest in.

I love unique toys. When I saw this one over at Tabu Toys I had to have it. Even though it looks like an emaciated banana. The Doc Johnson’s Tickle & Tease Me Vibe is about 9″ long with 0 of them being insertible.  This is an ergonomically shaped clit vibe that’s very friendly to use larger girls.  There is no problem reaching down there and having your stomach in the way.    He takes 2 AA batteries that go in the bottom of him.  It’s just a simple clip closure and they fit in the handle.

Not waterproof.

This vibrator is not waterproof.  The closure for the battery compartment has visual spaces in it.  I would not even consider him to be splash proof, so take care when cleaning.  He’s made from phthalates free ABS plastic, so he’s non porous which makes him easy to clean.  Your favorite toy cleaner, warm water and body safe soap, or a 10% bleach solution if you want to share him.  Again he’s not insertible and is not safe as an anal toy.

3-speeds with a push button just above the battery compartment.

The Tickle & Tease Me Vibe is controlled by one button, just above the battery compartment.  He has 3 speeds and on the 4th click he turns off.  I had a lot of problems with the control function, with it sometimes not turning off, or just staying on the high setting.  However, this could simple mean that I have a defective unit.

The speeds are low medium and high, with none of them being extreme.  He is a little bit loud, so you’d need a closed door and radio/tv to cover the sounds.

Random not-turning-off issues aside though, this vibrator is awesome!  I really love that he has that slight curve and is long, so it’s easy for me to use.  He’s cute and unique looking, a little bit see through so you can see the wires inside.  He also feels very nice on the clit.  The package says the tip is textured, but I didn’t notice that at all.  I found it to be quite smooth and nice feeling.

He’s also really simple which I like.  One button, no fancy lights or anything like that.  He’s plastic so he doesn’t need special lubes or storage considerations.  All in all he’s a good little vibe!

4 out of 5! Thanks Tabu Toys !!!


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