Glo-Glo a Go-Go lube

06 Aug

The bottle glows, the lube *does not.*

Glo-Glo a Go Go Water Based Lube is a personal lubricant, that is water based and the tube glows. It’s another nifty product from Topco Sales . Unfortunately, it did not work for me and D.  It’s quite thin and doesn’t even last for 5 minutes for us, unless we just need it to get started and I lubricate myself a lot.

The ingredients are: water, glycerin, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, chlorhexidine, gluconate, gluconolactone and methylparaben.

It comes in a 1.5oz bottle that glows, quite bright as you can see in the picture.  That’s after a minute or two of holding it right in the light.  The bottle sits on it’s cap which is pretty nice, ‘cuz you’re not having to shake the bottle to get it to dispense.  Really, the idea of having a glow in the dark lube bottle kicks ass and I wish other manufacturers would hear that and take it to heart.

Performance wise however, it’s just too thin.  It works very well with toys, but for intercourse it dries up to quickly to be used, especially if the female of the equation is having lubrication issues herself.

However, if you do not have lube issues and just need something to get started, this would be perfect for you as you wouldn’t have to really worry about having too much.

Unfortunately, this product will be going in the back of my lube box.  I am glad to have tried it though! There’s just something cool about a glowing bottle of sex lube! 🙂

Thanks Topco Sales! 3 out of 5


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