my last 36 hours

08 Aug
my last 36 hours

Golden Gate National Park (Copyright: Jessica Elizabeth)

So the last few days I’ve been having more and more symptoms of my cervical health problems.  It’s been exactly the same as it was last time, only worse.  *sighs*  Then yesterday morning I began bleeding.  I’m midway between periods.  Because I already had 2 surgeries for it, if they need to go in a 3rd time they’ll probably take everything.  A full hysterectomy.

So, we actually tried to go to the hospital yesterday, only we got lost.  We missed the damn turn.  So after about 20 minutes of walking we came home only to find out we walked right past the foot bridge we had been looking for.  Only we didn’t see it. *head desk*

Well, by the time we got home I was feeling horrible.  Wretched.  In a lot of pain and over heating.  So, we got home, I put on an episode of Criminal Minds, stripped down, had some lunch and relaxed.  We found the route on Google Maps, figured out where we went wrong and discussed when to go back.

Well, we figured we’d wait and go today, because of my pain level.  (It’s a 4o

Golden Gate National Park (Copyright: Jessica Elizabeth)

minute walk to the hospital.  Not a lot really, but I was in the 8 out of 10 pain level, so we decided to wait.)  I took some pills and we relaxed.  Last night we relaxed in the hot tub which helped a lot, but it only made my cramps feel worse ‘cuz it loosened up the rest of my muscles.  Go figure.

So we showered and I took some Tylenol.   After a while I took a Tylenol PM and laid down for bed.  Way early.  After 20 minutes or so I was halfway asleep and started having a panic attack.  Naturally.  So once I figured out what my problem was I asked D to come up and lay with me.  So, he brought my laptop upstairs, set up a queue of Married with Children on Hulu and reclined against the wall next to where I was sleeping.  He held my hand until I fell asleep.  ❤  I am lucky.

I’m doing alright today.  Body aches and pains are back to normal, though I’m a little headachey.  I am still bleeding though.  Me and D discussed it and there’s a wellness clinic I found just up the street from us.  I’m gonna wait and make an appointment there tomorrow.  Since I have no insurance I have to go about this as smart as I can.

In other news I’ve decided 100% I need to quite my job.  It just doesn’t seem on the up and up and I want to get out as soon as I can just in case.  So I’m finding as many jobs as I can that I can physically do and applying.  D still hasn’t found a job 😦  I am also applying for assistance.  I just need one other job like my second one I have where I write articles and I can quite my main one.

Anyway, that’s about it for now.  I have 2 articles do for my job and I need to find another one.


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3 responses to “my last 36 hours

  1. LadaMacManus

    August 8, 2010 at 3:28 PM

    I have a preliminary endo dx. (prelim because I haven’t had the laprascopy) I’ve found that ice packs work better than heating pads because there is less rebound cramping and bleeding.
    I’d apply for MediCal as soon as possible. I know you said you’re applying for assistance and that’s great. Just make sure to ask for MediCal specifically.
    I hope you get in soon. I’ve been at the point where my GYN wanted me to come in to see if I needed a transfusion and I was too weak to come in. Stupid me should have realized that being that weak indicated that I really needed to ask for help and go in to get that transfusion. Please ask for a CBC when you see the doc.
    Good luck on finding a new job. Talk about it pouring for you and yours right now. Um, bad choice of phrase, huh? *wan smile*

    • Jessie Beth

      August 8, 2010 at 4:24 PM

      Yea, I’m specifically going to apply for MediCal. I noticed that there’s also another specific benefit under MediCal for cervical cancer, so that’s pretty awesome. I’ll make sure to see if I can talk to billing people tomorrow and shit at the clinic. Only problem is I can’t apply online, and don’t have a printer. *le sigh* so I’ll have to download all the documents to a flash drive then go someplace to print them off.

      *hugs* thanks for the comment


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