Sex Toys 101 (Review)

14 Aug

book - front cover

Sex Toys 101 is a book, quite obviously about sex toys. It was written by the co-founders of Toys in Babeland Rachel Venning and Clair Cavanah.

The book itself is square, 8″ by 8″.  It’s 176 pages long and all the pages are nicely glossy, thick and have full color pictures.  The pictures are actually so glossy and white sometimes I have to stop reading ‘cuz it gives me a headache LOL  But that’s just me and my eyes, not a fault of the book.

Now.  This book is jam packed with information.  In every chapter I learned something I think.  If not the function of the toy, but the history of it.  Which I think is awesome.  So often books about things include their uses and functions and stuff, but not often the history.  It was very interesting to read about the history of vibrators, what the first dildos were made of and such.

The book includes:

  1. An introduction by the authors, an index and resource section
  2. Chapters on:

Table of Contents

Each chapter includes information on the types of toys, explanations for it’s intended use, suggestions for alternate uses, care and cleaning and safe usage.  The chapters all begin with a cute story from the author’s time working in the first Toys in Babeland store in Seattle and of course they are very good at not using names or identifying characteristics to ensure privacy for the situation they’re speaking of.

It’s awesome that they included information about sexual communication as well.  So often I hear about people who want something so bad, but even if they’re not nervous to ask their lover for it, they simply don’t know how.  The communication of sex is often overlooked in favor of the actions of it.

The beginning of the chapter on S&M

The book is written to be understood by those who have no experience with sex toys, but also to be valuable to those who are familiar with them.  I can actually see this being a little bit too much info for someone just getting their first vibrator, especially if they are sexually inhibited.  If it is someone who is sexually uninhibited but simply inexperienced with sex toys, this would be an excellent book for them.

I was very impressed by the frequency which alternative lifestyles got mentioned, as well as the acceptance shown.  The chapter on dildos and strap-ons included information on “packing” (someone using alternative means to look as if they have a penis and scrotum in their pants).

Also, it’s nice to see that BDSM got more than a section in a chapter.  Usually BDSM is lucky to get a whole chapter but Venning and Cavanah included 2 chapters on it which was impressive. They also took a lot of time explaining

Lots of pictures for illustration. White pages, lots of color.

safety and it’s importance, more than once in more than one way.

I also really liked the chapter on anatomy.  It’s amazing how little we really know about our own anatomy.  I learned quite a bit about male anatomy and even some about female.

I highly recommend this book for a couple people:

  • If you’re interested in sex toy reviewing.  It’s nice to know about the types of toys you could be receiving.  Honestly, I wish I’d have had this book when I first started.
  • If you’re interested in sex toys in general.
  • If you’re sexually uninhibited but inexperienced with masturbation.

I give this book a 5 out of 5!! Thanks Babeland!


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