The Don't Stop Massage Candle

22 Aug

Candle with box. By Booty Parlor

The Don’t Stop Massage Candle by Booty Parlor is a wonderful smelling massage candle available from Fascinations . It comes in a ceramic container with a lid, though it does not secure on. It simply sits on top of the container. There is a pour spout on the container should you choose to use the wax as a massage oil.   It’s about 4.5″ tall and 3″ wide at the top and bottom.  It tapers in the middle where there’s a beautiful ribbon tied around the container.  The ribbon is not glued on or anything, it velcroes closed.  You can remove it should you choose to do so.  I quite like the container, as it’s very reusable.  Although, there is a printed Booty Parlor logo under the ribbon.

It burns up to 46 continuous hours.

The wax is very body safe, made from shea butter, vitamins A & E, jojoba, olive and coconut oils and clean-burning natural soy wax.  I was surprised however, as it does have a very, very waxy texture.  It massages in very well and is very difficult to wash off should you choose to stop the massage before all the wax is massaged in.

It melts at just over body temperature, so there is no fear of burns, unless you touch the lit wick to the skin.  I highly recommend against that 😉

Soot, in the wax. 😦

A bit problem we had with this massage candle is that even during the first burn we had a lot of soot in the wax.  This made it unusable for massaging as you’d also be massaging the soot in.

The scent I have is chocolate.   It’s also available in sandalwood for sure, I am not sure about other scents. And it smells wonderful! There’s a tad of a spice scent on the back end of it.  It’s very nice.  It does not permeate a large room however.  If you want it for scent it’s more for a small room; perhaps the bathroom or a bedroom with the door closed.  The light is nice, it’s perfect for a romantic love making session.

We enjoy making love at the foot of our stairs, the height and all makes it perfect for a change in position.  Putting the candle on the railing banister gives us a perfect candle lit scenario.  Also, ‘cuz of the small space (and us being close to the candle) we get a nice scent as well.

Ribbon with "Booty Parlor" logo in pink under it. Sorry you really can't see the logo.

The box it comes in is quite nice, it has a cardboard liner inside of it that helps protect the ceramic container.  The lid is connected by more than just the back of it; there’s “wings” as well.  It gives it a more formal look.

One other complaint that we had is when we lit it the other night (light number 3 I’d say) we got a lot of sparking from the wick.  D actually got burnt a bit from the sparks.  We lit it again while I wrote this review and it did spark again, though not as bad.  Perhaps it’s the soot, perhaps one of the oils it’s made from.  I can’t say.

I have read other reviews for this product and haven’t read anything about the sparking.  It’s entirely possible it’s something specific with the one I have.

I really love this candle for it’s look and for how bright it is.  However, due to the soot in the oils and the sparking I am not comfortable using it as a massage product.

3 out of 5. Thanks Fascinations!!


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