Zen Calm Massager? No, thank you.

27 Aug

Comes in the typical plastic Cal Exotics box.

The Zen Calm Massagerby Cal Exotics is available from the great people over at Vibrator.Com. This discreet vibrator is palm sized, it’s 4″ long and 2″ wide.  The package it comes in is Cal Exotics standard plastic fair with a plastic insert the toy fits into.  It takes 2AAA batteries; not included.  The fit into a panel in the back of the toy, right under the (or above, depending on how you’re holding it) power button.

This clitoral stimulator has 2 speeds.  Low and Medium.  It doesn’t have all that much power, in my opinion.  The vibrations are very close together so on anything but low it’s easy for this toy to cause a numbing sensation.  This was perhaps my biggest issue with this toy.  My clit needs medium vibrations but spaced more apart.

Battery compartment with the power button right above it.

As for it’s discreet nature, yes and no.  It’s more discreet in that if you saw it, you wouldn’t know what it was for.  While it has marbling on it for it’s color (it also comes in brown and a tan/brown shade) it does not in any way really look like a stone in real life.  You can tell it’s plastic.

As it is made from ABS plastic, it’s non porous.  You can totally disinfect it with a 10% bleach solution.  It’s not at all waterproof or splash proof.  The battery compartment is not secure at all.

Size comparison with Q-Tips.

Use wise, as far as clitoral stimulators go this toy is low on my list. The shape is awkward for me to use and with how wide it is, you have to use one of the edges for it to find your clit, unless you have very thin lips. carries many other sex toys that work better than this one.

All in all I was quite disappointed with this toy.  While it’s certainly novel, it’s going back in it’s box and in the not-gonna-use drawer. 2 out of 5!! Thanks for the chance to try this very unique toy!!

OH! Ps – has an awesome Facebook page where they keep their fans updated on all their new toys! That’s where I found out about this new toy! I highly recommend checking out on Facebook


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