Moregasm YESgasm!

02 Sep

Moregasm by Babeland's founders Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning

Once again Babeland’s founders have outdone themselves. Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning have created perhaps the best book on sex that I’ve read. Moregasm is 263 colorful pages of fun, accepting and innovative tips, tricks, information and more about all kinds of sex.  The pages are thick and filled with colored pictures.  The cover is even embossed!  (f you can see in the above picture, those shiny circles are embossed)  Honestly, especially after reading their Sex Toys 101, any book these ladies come out with is SO MINE!

I did find that my book has a rather stout “new book smell” but it’s not too overwhelming.

Q & A

Perhaps the best part of this book is that each section includes Q and A.  The authors take the most common questions about the topic the chapter is on and answers them in thoughtful, non-judgemental and informative ways.  They also include real life photos of regular people to illustrate that everybody is shaped differently.

The chapters include anatomy, masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, sex toys, BDSM and vaginal intercourse.  Each chapter then is broken down into sections such as transgender, giving and receiving oral sex, spanking, using anal toys and so forth.  They include information on actually doing it, keeping toys clean and safe, safer sex and talking about sex.

This book however is an introduction book.  While it is very informative it does not go into a lot of detail.  It goes into enough detail if you want to try something, but if you want to know anything and everything about it, you’ll want to find a book that is dedicated to specifically that topic.  For example, if through this book you decide you want to know more about S&M, then you’d want a book such as SM 101 . This is a book to help you know what you are interested in. Not to fully inform you on everything about all sex subjects.

Positions and alternatives!

I just really, really love how the book is designed.  The pages are not just one picture and then a ton of writing.  There are diagrams, photos, blurbs, insets, descriptions, etc.  It makes it a very easy read and helps you not feel overwhelmed.  The friendly and non-threatening way this book is laid out with also makes it a great gift for someone who is sexually inhibited or naive.

I would recommend this book to women and men of any age really.  If you are a parent who wants to educate your child about sex, provided they are mature enough I honestly would suggest this book, especially for young women.  Cavanah an Venning to an excellent job enforcing that sex is a choice and that if you do or don’t like something that’s perfectly okay and your right.

Fun and Colorful! (Plus, the incredible idea of the yes/no/maybe list 😉 )

The ladies end the book with resources and a several page QandA section where they address issues such as sex and aging, homosexuality, virginity, menstruation and sex and pregnancy.  I don’t think I can really adequately express how awesome this book is.  If you or anyone in your life wants to or needs to learn more about sexuality, then GET THIS BOOK!

Okay, so this book totally gets a 5 out of 5. ThanksBabeland!!


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