Multi Orgasmic Man? Maybe.

02 Sep


Multi Orgasmic Man is a book written by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams. Available from Babeland it’s 228 pages of techniques to help a man become multi orgasmic.  The book is the size of a larger paperback, about 5″ wide and 8″ tall.  The pages are not in color.  Published by Harper One, it does have sisterbooks in the Multi-Orgasmic Woman and the Multi-Orgasmic Couple.

This book is designed to help men delay ejaculation to either (or both) help them fend off premature ejaculation or to be able to have an orgasm without ejaculation so they can have multiple orgasms.   Rather than using sex toys to delay ejaculation this teaches mind and body technqiues the man can use.

Lots of graphs in this book.

I have to say that I’m not 100% sure what I was expecting, although it certainly wasn’t what I got.   In my opinion, the book is quite dry actually.  The first section of the book is about brain waves.  The author goes into anatomy which is good and does make sure to include female anatomy as well.  There is a chapter on becoming a multi-orgasmic couple and also a chapter for women to read, talking about why a man would want to become multi-orgasmic.

Other chapters and sections in this book include: sex and aging, pleasuring your partner, thrusting techniques, a chapter for gay men, healing sexual trauma, and some rather in dept information about men’s plumbing.  As I said, this book is very information heavy.  I do not imagine this could be read in one sitting, or even two.  You’ll need to set aside time over several days to read this book so that you’re fully able to absorb the information and try out the exercises presented.

There is are several exercises for the men to do.  Not so much pushups or anything like that, but more like techniques for them to try to see how they work for delaying ejaculation.  Many of these exercises come with black and white pictures showing what the authors are talking about.

Some of the few and far in-between pictures.

Honestly, as I was going through this book I was trying to think of men I knew who would be willing to sit down and read a book like this.  I could only think of D and only then if he was in the right mood.  Now don’t get me wrong, the information is good!  And does work if the techniques are implemented correctly, but this book is an incredibly dry read.  There are a lot of charts and tables showing orgasm levels and such things.

A lot of the techniques described are very tantric and involve breathing and almost meditative processes.   Multi Orgasmic Man is very information heavy which is a good thing.  While I was a little disappointed by how dry I feel this book is, I am very glad to see it out there.  Sometimes it seems like our men are forgotten about when it comes to creating more and better orgasms.

I think this book is wonderful for any man who is sexually open minded and who is also emotionally open.  The ideas presented in this book need a lot of focus and a deep commitment.

While I personally feel that this book is for a very specific type of man, those who read it and do the exercises and adapt the techniques to their sex life will see a wonderful increase in their sexual stamina and maybe even truly become multi orgasmic!

4 out of 5!  Thanks Babeland!


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