coitus interruptus

05 Sep

purrty purple..

We’re watching The Simpsons Movie 🙂  So yea, I haven’t been blogging here as much lately.  I’ve been blogging a little more frequently on my tumblr page.  I haven’t linked here ‘cuz this blog is so much about sex and toy reviews and all that, I’m sorta trying to keep my tumblr page separate from that.  My tumblr page is mostly (like 85%) about my spirituality.  If you’d like the link there email me 🙂

So we finally fucked for the first time in about a week!  Ugh.  We’d been abstaining ‘cuz I was ragging, as D calls it lol On my period.  For the most part, he really dislikes  having sex while I’m on my period.  So, we start fooling around, and then I get gas.  Then D gets gas.  Then we finally get past that, he lubes up and is about to enter me, then I have to go to the bathroom.  LOL Figures.  Finally we fucked and showered and now we’re relaxing a bit.  Finishing The Simpsons Movie and then we’re prolly gonna play a game of scrabble.

Anyway, that’s about it for now.  D had a job interview last Thursday but the job ended up being a sham.  Basically it was door to door sales to healthy people, selling funerals.  It was 100% commission.  I have an interview this coming Thursday.

We’re going to the Farmers Market next weekend!  😀  Woot woot!!

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