SportSheets Suction Cuffs. Epic Win!

08 Sep

SportSheets Suction Cuffs

I’ve never made any bones about it and I don’t think I ever will.   I love SportSheets.  So far every single one of their products I’ve tried used and played with has withstood my abuse. And their Suction Cuffs were no different.  Made from neoprene with Velcroe closure and ABS plastic suction cups these are bondage cuffs made for use in the shower and/or bathtub.  The neoprene feels awesome on the skin and these are uber, super comfortable.

The cuffs are 11″ long, so they can work for both ankles and wrists.  They come 2 cuffs to a set, so if you want them for full bondage (wrists and ankles) buy 2 sets! 😀  The plastic suction cups are just under 4″ in width, so if you have tiles in your shower rather than the flat surface I have, these may not work for you unless your tiles are over 4″ large.

Really strong and comfy!

Now, these puppies stick.  Boy do they stick!  I was curious just how strong they were so D actually let me put him in them.  (Damn was that hot…) and he was visibly struggling to pull it off the wall.  I mean, he was gritting his teeth and leaning forward, it was a veins-popping-out type of suction.  Now.  This is *NOT* holding your weight up.  This is pulling directly from the shower wall.  If you pull it right and the water is right, the suction cup will slide around on the wall.  But pulling off, unless you pull up on the little tab that suction cups have, the Suction Cuffs are very hard to get off.

The cuffs come in a plastic bag in a box.  The box is not waterproof or anything, so I actually just keep mine in the shower, but you could keep yours in other toy storage or whatever works for you. As for cleaning them, since they’re used in the shower just rinse them off.

In the end, as always, SportSheets gets an epic win! 5 out of 5!! Thanks Good Vibrations!


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