Anal Douche (Review)

14 Sep

Deluxe Anal Douche

With any anal play comes the reality of poo. Usually if you’ve had a bowel movement a couple hours prior there won’t be any fecal matter issues. However, sometimes you just want to be extra clean. Certainly understandable. Well, in that case in walks in the anal douche . An anal douche comes with a sturdy but squeezable bulb that you fill with warm (not hot or cold) tap water.  <<<—- tap water.  Tap water only.  Why?  Because the lining in your rectum is very thin and would absorb anything else.  This could be bad.

Along with that but your rectum does already have important and necessary bacteria and oils that help with your ability to pass bowel movements.  So, only tap water ‘cuz that won’t take too much of those away.   Also, wait an hour or two before any anal play after you douche, to make sure it’s all done coming out.  Secondly, only douche every few days to make sure your bum has enough time to replace the oils and important bacteria that got lost during the douche.

bulb with 2 nozzels

This anal douche is really quite nice for beginners, which I am.  It comes with the reusable bulb and 2 interchangeable nozzels.  One is nice and small, the other is larger and thicker.  The small nozzle is about 4″ long insertible and perhaps a 1/4″ thick.  The larger one is 4 1/2″ insertible and about 3/4″ thick.  It is all phthalates and latex free, and the bulb is fillable under any sink tap.

You can use this over the toilet or in the shower; wherever you want to.  I used mine the first time in the shower; I’m glad I did.  It was a lot messier than I anticipated.  (Yes yes yes, I now, it’s an anal douche! LOL But I was a douching virgin! 😉 )  It was… different, I don’t think I can describe it.  However, now that I’ve had time to look back over the experience and think about it, I do feel cleaner, and I’ll use it again sometime 🙂

Large nozzle attached

When you use the douche, use a bit of lube on the nozzles to ensure easy insertion.  Safety first as always!  The nozzles are hard ABS plastic, so silicone lube is safe on them which is good if you’re going anally and using water.  However the bulb is silicone, so you’ll want to make sure that none of the silicone lube touches it.

The package it comes in is a simple box, it’s not water resistant or anything.  I am keeping mine for storage, but if you will be a more regular douche user I imagine you may want something more sturdy than the box it comes in.  The one thing I am disappointed in is that it does not comes with instructions.  If you’re a beginner using one of these and haven’t read up on them then you’re going in blind.

All in all I give the Deluxe Anal Douche a 4 out of 5! Thanks so much Babeland!


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