Which position do you want?

14 Sep

Position Of The Day

The Position of the Day book is by Em and Lo from Available over at Babeland this little book certainly is entertaining!  With next to no words it’s 365 pages of pictures of sex positions.  At the beginning there is a short introduction where they talk about how they came to making a book like this.  It’s a pretty fun introduction to read.  It’s quite small and thick: 6″x4″ and it’s a good 1″ thick.  It’s got pretty thick pages too and only has a new book smell if you really shove your face in it.

Only a picture book.

Now as I said, this is pretty much a picture book.  At the top of the page is the date, then it’s the position, then the positions name.  There are no instructions or difficulty levels.  However, as you can see by the above pictures, some of these positions are pretty much impossible.  Plus there’s also the realization that not everyone can do every position.  While professional athletes could probably do March 3rds “It’s time for my walk” the average person probably could not.

Most of the positions are for sex however some of them include

For entertainment purposes.

While a lot of the positions could be adjusted and made to work for a more average couple I do think this book has a lot more merit as an entertainment tool.  That’s not to say you couldn’t take peek at a random page and try to make it work!  It is very fun to look up dates that are important to you (ie – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc) and see what position is shown.  So yea, get this book, look it through and use it as a coffee table book!  *chuckle* Depending on who’s coming over that is.  If it’s the right person it could certainly be a good conversation starter!!

All in all The Position of the Day book gets a 4 out of 5! Thanks Babeland!!


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