SportSheet's G-Spot Strap

22 Sep

They are quite comfy.

So, the SportSheets G-Spot Link is a set of cuffs sold by Tabu Toys . They are supposed to help with positioning during sex, with the main goal being help hitting her g-spot.

The space between the cuffs is adjustible, up to 10″ long.  The cuffs themselves are up to 11″ long; they are made for the ankles.  They are flexible enough to work for wrists as well, should you desire so.  They fasten with extremely strong Velcroe.

The cuffs themselves are made with nice feeling neoprene; as such these would work in a shower setting should you want them to ;).  The cuffs can come apart with a simple snap, which is great for safety purposes.

As with all SportSheets products they come in a plastic clamshell box, though I found this box to be incredibly oversized for the size of the cuffs.  At least it’s recyclable!


For the use of these however, I found them to be needless and useless.  I can see how they’d be handy if the man wants to have control of her legs as with this strap on; he can just grab onto it, between her ankles, and move her legs from side to side, wherever he wants to.  I can also see these to be quite helpful if she is small enough and he is strong enough to lift her via the strap.

Does it help with finding the g-spot during fornication? *Shrugs* It doesn’t for me, however all of our anatomies are different.  I think these work better for alternative uses like basic bondage or bondage in the shower.  These won’t hold her to something specific (unless you loop it around) but they’ll keep her legs or arms together.

All in all I give the SportSheets G-Spot Link a 4 out of 5. Quality product from SportSheets as always, but kind of useless. Thanks Tabu Toys!!


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