What's Your Sex IQ; A Review

22 Sep

DVD Game

What’s Your Sex I.Q.? is an adult game in DVD format. It’s sold by the awesome people over at Fascinations . Now. This game has one major detriment, however it makes it *perfect* for the party type setting. And that’s that the menu time, or the time between questions and turns is long.  Up to 10 seconds it seemed at times.  Now, that makes it horrible for when just a couple people are playing it.  However, that makes it perfect for a party setting!!

It’s for one or two teams/players.  It’s turn by turn answering sex related questions through 20 rounds.  It has over 1,000 questions (though some do repeat now and again.)  Some of the rounds are specifically one type of question, for example round 5 is unscrambelling pick up lines, round 14 is the kama sutra round and round 8 is about contraception.

It has a narrator who can be sort of annoying, but that’s kind of how it goes with any game narration.

Some of the rounds.

The game comes in the over-sized box shown.  Inside is a cardboard box that the dvd is in.  The dvd does come with a cover if you end up not wanting to keep the box, you can just keep the dvd in it’s cardboard cover.  It does come with simple instructions, however the game is very easy to navigate.  Even if you’re having some adult drinks you’ll be able to navigate the game.

You’re given a 3 strikes rule; on your 3rd wrong question you loose but the other person gets to keep answering questions to see how high they can get.  So far we’ve only gotten to round 14 lol  For the most part there’s no time limit on the questions.  We’ve both used the bathroom and stuff while a question is sitting on the screen and it’s not ended.  There are a few questions however that are timed.

Honestly, for only 2 people the game is not all that fun.  With the wait between screens it takes away a lot of the fun.  However if you have a group of friends over and play teams, that weight is perfect to have a drink or a bit of a snack or other conversation. If you’re looking for a game for just you and your lover I’d definitely look at other adult games.

All in all What’s Your Sex I.Q.? is getting a 3.5 stars. It’s good, but only in a group setting. Thanks for the chance to try it out Fascinations!!


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2 responses to “What's Your Sex IQ; A Review

  1. Kayla

    September 30, 2010 at 7:45 PM

    I’m wondering how I’m going to like it now. I have it coming for review. Great review. 🙂

    • Jessie Beth

      October 1, 2010 at 10:37 AM

      LOL I hope you like it! 🙂 I’m actually giving mine away 😛


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