Champion, a Review

24 Sep


Champion is an adult movie, sold by Babeland. Directed by Shine Louise Houston, it’s the story of a female mixed martial artist training for the biggest fight of her career.  There is a lot of sex and little martial arts.  Being a big fan of MMA, I kinda wish there had been more martial arts in it (and more realistic martial arts) however this IS indeed a porno, I certainly didn’t expect any true-to-life MMA.  Released in 2008 it runs just under 90 minutes or so.  I really think they could have done more with this film.  It seemed to me like they were trying to fit as much as they could with the most bare amounts of set, props and time usage.

There however is a lot of lesbian sex in here and the really nice thing is that you could tell the actors were really into it.  It’s always nice to watch a porn where the people fucking are really into what they’re doing; that the orgasms are real and they are not playing to the camera.  This is a very good point to the movie.  There is also some great strap-on usage. woot woot!

The production quality has a definite “gritty” feel to it.  The sets are minimalistic and dark; though you can see everything you need to.  The acting is okay, I don’t think I could even qualify it as good.  The music is original and definitely not porn-like.  No bow-chicca-bow-bow in this film.

The plot itself is quite loose.  They did try to really work a story line in here, but while it’s there, the story itself interspersed with the sex scenes made little sense to me.  You will have a scene which forwards the plot, then random sex, the plot, then random sex.  The sex tended to run to the rougher quadrant of fornication, which is always nice.

It’s certainly not a bad movie though!  Especially if you like a grittier, independent style porn this is totally for you! Otherwise I’d honestly say to pass this one over.

I’d have to give Champion a 3 out of 5. It’s one of those that’s almost, but not quite, ya know? Thanks for letting me screen this Babeland. !!

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